My 3 Top Tips on Staying Organised At University

Being at university, we all have those looming deadlines for coursework essays and dare I say it... exams! Procrastination is the usual downfall, so here are my 3 top tips for staying organised before you resort to colour-coding your wardrobe:


1). Plan ahead!

Hopefully, you have all been to Paper Chase and purchased a fancy diary ready for the year, so first things first, jot down those dreaded deadlines! If you know when they’re due, then you can prepare in advance by grabbing those books from the library that will soon be in high-demand. Remember to always keep a record of the book’s bibliographic information, as this will be a great help when it comes to compiling your reference list.


2). Write a plan.

We all have an academic timetable for the year, but why not make a weekly timetable for you? With whatever deadline you have looming, pencil in what work you could do in your breaks between lectures and seminars. Even if it is to make sure that you dedicate an hour into writing a plan! A comprehensive plan is always a good idea as it will help you through the head- scratching parts of your essay. If you’re unsure with your plan, try forwarding it to a tutor so they can confirm if you’re along the right lines.


3). Set yourself a daily goal.

I’ve found that setting yourself a small daily goal of around 100-200 words can make your essay feel less daunting as you can have up to 1400 words on paper by the end of the week. Don’t forget to reward yourself with a tasty treat like a chocolate biscuit! Starting an essay is always the hardest part but just write something down, even if it’s awful, you can go back to rework it later and it should get you into that essay-writing flow.


Don’t forget to:

·         Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

·         Eat a balanced diet (the odd treat for motivation is fine though!)

·         Get a good night’s sleep- no-one can work properly off just 3 hours sleep.

Doing this can ensure that you’re prepared for that fun-filled(!) day of lectures and essay-writing!

Good luck!