An Interview With Lancaster, USA

We were contacted by Franklin & Marshall College located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA). They came across our chapter via Instagram and approached us with the idea of collaborating to show what life in Lancaster is like across the globe! We were excited to interview Vivian Valentin, Chapter Correspondent of Franklin & Marshall College.

What is the name of your university?

Franklin & Marshall College

When was your university founded?

1787. Franklin & Marshall College is a private liberal arts college that resulted from the merge between Franklin College and Marshall College. Franklin College was founded in 1787 and was named after Benjamin Franklin. Marshall College was founded in 1836 and was named after John Marshall.

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Do you have a school mascot? If so, what/who is it?

Our mascot is the Diplomats, aka Ben Franklin and John Marshall!

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Where is the number one place where students love to spend time?

We have a coffee shop on-campus that is students’ new favorite place to go to. It is locally operated and is also a B-corporation.Image from @bluelinelancaster on Instagram

What is your school known for?

Our housing system is similar to Harry Potter! We call our dormitories “College Houses” and each one has its own emblem, house government system, and dons and deans. It’s a nice experience to be able to feel connected to a community within the campus community, especially as an incoming student.

According to USNews, F&M is ranked as #36 in National Liberal Arts Colleges and #6 in Most Innovative Schools.

Franklin & Marshall College is also located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States, which was named as one of Forbes’ 10 Coolest U.S. Cities to Visit in 2018.

How would you describe life as a student at your university?

Outside of academics, there are a lot of things that you can do here. Students are very involved in many extracurricular activities ranging from athletics, fraternity and sorority life, or other on-campus clubs. Some students also work on campus and conduct research with professors and classmates.

What is life like in the US?

Life in the U.S. is hard to describe because there are so many different areas with different cultures and norms

What is a student’s favorite thing to do at your university?

When the weather is nice, students love to be on Hartman Green. It is the lawn area located in the middle of campus. Students are usually doing homework, listening to music, playing games, or hanging out on the Green.

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What is one fun fact about your university?

Our previous college president had a mini fridge outside of his office that was always filled with ice cream. He encouraged everyone on campus to stop by and grab a treat whenever they want!