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Don’t worry, this isn’t a recommendation for a seafront hotel with grubby bedding, with no central heating that has E-coli on the dinner menu, nor is it a recommendation for a hotel abroad complete with pet cockroaches and loose balcony railings, it’s something much scarier.  A weekend of sheer terror for those people who list The Exorcist as one of their fave “chick flicks” or don’t feel faint when their roommate has a major accident whilst chopping the onions. These weekends are for the roommate who is there in a flash, with the bag of frozen peas and their camera at the ready.

1. HorrorCampLIVE!

First on my Meet and Greet a Ghoul list is HorrorCampLIVE! A unique “scare fest” which takes place in a fictional setting called Camp Mass Acre, located in our very own Lancashire. Personally, the first scary thing about this is that it has to be an overnight stay in a tent – no en-suite bathroom here, then?  With challenges and content “intended to shock, scare and entertain”, it is not for the faint hearted. There is a two-course buffet style meal, horror film and serial killer!  Already I am beginning to think the seafront hotel is not such a bad idea after all.      www.horrorcamplive.co.uk


2.Haunted Happenings

 This is a more earnest opportunity to explore the existence of ghosts and spirits in haunted locations around the UK.  This is another overnight stay in a quest to experience the paranormal but this time with a “leading paranormal investigation company” at some of Britain’s’ most haunted sites. www.hauntedhappenings.co.uk


3. Terror of the Towers

For those of you who don’t have the time – or the courage – for a weekend stay, there is Terror of the Towers at Alton Towers Theme Park. Not for the Sanguivoriphobiac, (yes, it is a real word and an actual phobia; it is a fear of vampires); it includes an opportunity to ride their 14 loop roller-coaster in the dark. So I guess it is not for those who suffer from coaster phobia either, (that one I am assuming is self-explanatory!) www.altontowers.com

4. York Terror Trail

Finally, a popular tour in York is the York Terror Trail, combining horror and history.  A wonderful opportunity to visit Yorkshire’s historic walled city and view it from a different perspective. This is terror with a trip advisor rating; now that is a first. The tour starts in York’s most haunted pub the Golden Fleece. Sounds like a great excuse to start the night with a Vampire’s Kiss or Bloody Mary Cocktail, doesn’t it? www.yorkterrortrail.co.uk


My vision when I started this article was to find an experience which reincarnates  Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore at the pottery wheel, but sadly I failed. Not even a lopsided pottery ashtray from this lot, but don’t lose heart, ghosts do exist, I have a poltergeist who scatters empty curry trays around my kitchen every Saturday – how rude.

So go on I dare you, book the trip – I would love to join you but I have an important presentation to do this weekend – honest I have, I really have. In other words…

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