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Whether you are a first year or a returning student the jump into working after having  3 months off over summer is difficult! Over the past two years at university I think I’ve finally learnt the best way to combat this jump is organisation. For the first time even I actually feel ready to start this year and I’ve managed to do that using the following things:

1. Get a weekly planner! I swear by my planner and it is so useful especially in second year where you have so many more modules. Having a weekly planner instead of just a printed out timetable is great because you can write in week by week all the timetable changes you have, such as different seminar times and locations. They’re also reasonably easy to carry around with you so you can plan in appointments and group work meetings there and then instead of having to load iLancaster up which takes an age. I’ve found Sainsbury’s has some really nice ones!

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2. Get folders for each module. I found the best way was having a ring binder in my room and taking a small plastic one with me in my bag. That way you don’t lose any seminar sheets or handouts.

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3. A really helpful thing to help the previous tip is to make sure you date everything! Especially when you’re making lecture notes make sure you write the week the date and the topic because trust me when it comes to organising your notes for revision you’ll be lost!

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4. Read your module outlines! These are another thing you can put in your folders. Highlight your deadlines and put them as reminders in your phone so there are no surprises! This also helps to mentally prepare you for what is expected from you over the course, e.g. how many readings you should be doing each week.


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