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Five Changes Second Years notice Returning to Uni

1. The Hell of Fresher’s week



Some people have an amazing time in Fresher’s week, some are even able to go out every night or be a Fresher’s Rep. Others, like me, can’t quite hack the Fresher’s life again, we go out twice and then spend the rest of the week nursing our hangovers!






That’s right you no longer live on campus; you can’t roll out of your bed at 8:50 ready for your 9am. This results in either being late for multiple lecture because you got on the 2A or having to work out whether you have time to pop home in between your lectures.


3. Your timetable


Some weeks you can have a nice relaxed timetable with loads of space where you can go to the gym, have a nap in the library or simply have lunch with friends. Other weeks have you stuffing lunch into your face as you make your way between back-to-back lectures. However, it isn’t all bad- sometimes you’re treated to only having a 9am 4 out of the 10 weeks (thank you MKTG232)






There’s no slacking this year. Everything counts for something. I was politely reminded of this when I was informed I have to give presentation every other week in one module, each counting for 10%. Fun fun fun!


5. Friends



It isn’t all bad!

The best thing is the fact that you actually know people in your lectures. You don’t have that awkward moment of sitting next to a complete stranger; you can actually recognise some faces amongst the sea of people.

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