Festive Activities That Will Get You And Your Friends Into The Christmas Spirit!

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The lead up to Christmas is finally underway, with the opening of the Christmas calendars giving us a tasteful reminder each day. There’s no better feeling than celebrating with friends; giving presents, playing board games and watching Love Actually for the 100th time even though we know how it ends.

Here’s a few festive ideas on how to bring the friendship group together as we approach the end of term one!

Christmas house/flat decorating

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Now that it gets dark around 4pm there’s an even bigger reason to put up Christmas lights, decorations and maybe even a Christmas tree, giving your flat or house a cosy, warm and Christmassy feel. Putting up decorations with friends is always a fun activity as you can play and sing Christmas tunes and get into the spirit together. The taller friends can help hang the lights and bunting from the ceiling, whilst the shorter ones (me) can do the ground level decorations, it works out perfectly! When it comes to paying for group decorations it could be a good idea for everyone to put in the same amount into a fund jar as you then know that the contributions have been equal. And you don’t necessarily have to buy every decoration you put up as it might also be fun to make decorations together and add personal touches!

Visiting the Christmas markets

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This is one of my favourite things to do as a group during the lead up till Christmas as it gets everyone out together and is also perfect for buying last minute presents. There’s normally a wide spread of festive food as well as jewellery, clothes and gift stalls. In Lancaster there’s the option of visiting the Christmas markets in town or the ones on campus which, if it’s similar to last year, will have reindeers outside. So cute!

Christmas meal making (and cocktails)

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This is a great way to bring the group together and share in what I believe to be the most important aspect of Christmas, the food. A great way to do a flat (or wider friendship group) meal would be to decide on a place where the meal will be held and then allocate who brings what beforehand, with the result being a full Christmas meal at an affordable student price! It also would be a great opportunity to exchange secret santa gifts too, which will feature later in the article. Don’t forget about Christmas crackers and Christmas cocktails like Snowballs if you fancy adding an even more Christmassy element.

Christmas board games (or card games)

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Whether you’re a massively competitive board game lover or someone who just likes to spend time together with friends, board games or cards are a Christmas staple. Whatever your game of choice may be it’s safe to say that it will create a night filled with laughter, teamwork and maybe even crying if someone gets a bit too invested in Monpoly.

Christmas Film Marathon

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Binging on Christmas classics that you’ve been waiting in to watch since last year is another fun Christmassy activity to enjoy together. Favourites of mine are The Muppets Christmas Carol and Love Actually, accompanied  by all the Disney Princess films that I can think of (Tangled and Brave being at the top of that list). Whether it’s a personal classic or a new suggestion from a friend, it’s a cheap but enjoyable night in!

Secret Santa

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For students who barely have enough to buy their Dad a present, Secret Santa is a really nice concept in the way that you can buy one really nice gift for the person who you got without feeling the pressure to buy for all your friends when you physically can’t afford it. It works really well if you’re a close group of friends because then no matter who you receive, you can buy them something that you know they’ll love without raiding the boots gift section for all your present buying. Agreeing on a price limit before you buy might be a good way to settle everyone’s expectations, so that when you all open them together no one feels hard done by!