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Edit: What We’re Loving This Week – 4

This week is our second week back of second term, and yes, we are not feeling as refreshed as we hoped we might be in 2019. In fact, we are quite worn out. Nevertheless, 2019 has already brought much joy in the first three weeks and we hope this will continue no matter the academic pressures! To keep you inspired, here are the things with are loving super hard this week – we’re hoping you will enjoy them as much as us!

1. Lighting candles

Is there anything better than a moment to yourself, with a cup of hot tea, soft music and a candle lit in the background? No, we thought not. This week, we want to remind you to take a moment out for yourself. And do this at least once every day. You’re worth taking care of, and moments in soft candlelight will refresh and satisfy you, and are likely to ease any anxious thoughts.

2. Taking Charge

We are not at university to be sidelined, so take charge this week and for the rest of the academic year ! You are the one in control of your studies, and how well you do, no matter whether you blame the tutor for your bad grade, or an absent lecturer. How much work you put in, is the grades that you will get out so push forward and hustle. Strive to do your best, and be that girl boss.

3. Decorating

Decorate until you feel content! Maybe it is no longer the festive season, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to get boring. January is often thought of as gloomy because the sky is grey, but make it shine by filling the month with decorations that make you happy. You could stick photos to your walls, hang up fairy lights, make goals boards or even stick motivational quotes on the cover of every notebook…the list is endless!

4. Getting Creative

And on that decorative note, we urge you to get creative! When your mind is flowing with creative ideas, you are likely to be filled with ideas and plans for the year, and may find you are super productive. Make use of that, and get your creative cap on.

5. Noting Gratitude

Just like taking a moment to revel in candlelight, journaling is a wonderful way to reflect on the day. Note what you are grateful for, read out your statements, and you’re likely to say bye-bye to any negative thoughts and truly feel thankful for what a blessed life you lead (even if it isn’t perfect all of the time!). 

Anna Mather

Lancaster '19

Anna is a final year student of French & Linguistics at Lancaster University and will graduate in 2019. She is one of Lancaster's Chapter Correspondents. Her favourite topics to write about are fashion, style and interior design ideas. She loves to share photos on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ku_layrosas/ She also runs Kulayrosas, her own fashion, faith and lifestyle blog: https://kulayrosas.com/
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