Edit: What We're Loving This Week- 2

Christmas might be upon us, but so are those end of term deadlines. At this especially busy time of year it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the never-ending to-do list nestled inside your diary and forget about what things you really are enjoying. Here’s a few little things I’ve been loving this week.

Louise Pentland

As a final year student I spend a great deal of my time rushing around, keeping organised and trying to remain level-headed in the face of the challenging final months of my studies. This being said, I do lend a great deal of importance to allowing time where I am not doing any of these things. One my favourite things to do in these pockets of reserved time is watch the videos posted by lifestyle vloggers. The internet is bursting with all kinds of online influencers and content creators, yet I must admit I have my favourites. As you might have guessed, my ultimate favourite is the ever so lovely Louise Pentland. Louise has been creating YouTube videos since 2010 and I have been loyal viewer since about 2012. When I started watching Louise she had recently given birth to her first child and the channel was heavily beauty oriented. Since then, Louise has gone on to achieve remarkable things, becoming a Times #1 Best Selling Author, a UN Ambassador for Gender Equality and has had another beautiful baby. Over time, the channel has evolved to have a greater focus on lifestyle. Early this year, Louise started a weekly vlogging series, aptly titled ‘the weekly’, a series which I enjoy both keeping up with and re-watching. These vlogs vary from one week to the next, some sharing exciting brand trips and visits to exciting locations around the world, others being more relaxed of snippets of the home life she shares with her family and friends. While I have included this in my weekly favourites, of course Louise is a favourite of mine all year-round. I find Louise both relatable and incredibly inspiring. The sincerity and honesty she offers when discussing her life is unlike so many large online names, she is truly a pleasure to watch. Image from Instagram

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

Another favourite for this week is a skincare favourite! Last weekend I headed home to surprise my family and celebrate my brother’s birthday. In terms of skincare and makeup I kept my packing minimal, choosing to take The Body Shop ‘Camomile Cleansing butter’ to remove my makeup. I’m typically a fan of cleansers and makeup removers such as Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Clinique Take the Day off and Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser. I recently decided to try the Bodyshop cleanser after taking their vitamin E intense moisture cream with me on holiday and really enjoying the results! The cleanser comes in slim, travel friendly tin packaging and takes on a solid consistency before transforming into an oil with the warmth of fingers. I apply this product onto a full dry face of makeup, working in circular motions before removing with a warm flannel. Be aware that although this product removes makeup like a dream it can leave a slight residue on the skin. For me, this isn’t an issue as I employ a double cleanse method in my routine, often using 2 products, one to remove makeup and the other to cleanse the skin. Over the weekend I used the Elemis Lime Blossom Cream Cleanser as my second cleanse! If you’re looking for a quick, easy and affordable makeup removal product that will also help you combat any winter dryness- look no further!

Image from The Body Shop

Christmas Pyjamas

Now we’ve officially hit the time of year when we’re in darkness by 4PM, there’s nothing that I’ve been enjoying more than getting home and putting on some cosy festive pyjamas. As well as wearing them, I’ve also found myself appreciating the number of amazing pieces appearing in local shops as well as online stores. Regardless of what you’re looking for, I’m sure if you have a good look around, you’ll be able to find something that fits your specification just right! For an affordable and easy option Primark is certainly turning into a haven of all things festive, also online retailers such as ASOS offer a wide choice for festive clothing. If you’re looking for something slightly more special, or even something for a Christmas gift, Not On The High Street has some fantastic options available to personalise on their website!!

Image by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

‘No social media’ time

As mentioned previously, the pace of Uni life picks up for most students around this time of year and it’s easy to find yourself procrastinating your time away scrolling on social media. For one, this limits our productivity and can indirectly contribute to the stress we feel when we realise how much we’ve left to do in so little time. In addition, naturally this more stressful time can have implications for the mental wellbeing of us students. Sometimes if I already feel agitated, whether that be from studying or anything else, occupying myself with what other people are doing never tends to make me feel much better. Consequently, if I find myself having one of these days, or I’m determined to get a task done, I simply delete the apps I’m gravitating towards and reinstall once that task has been completed. It might not write my essay for me…but at least it helps!

Image by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

The Eye To The Telescope

My final favourite is a music favourite. Everyday this week I have been listening to KT Tunstall’s ‘Eye To The Telescope’ on repeat while getting through my work. As a young girl, I was an unlikely yet avid fan of KT’s music. When this album was first released in 2004, I remember always requesting that we play her CDs in the car on the way to school, then once we were home I’d play the same songs from my Pop Idol CD player (Yikes!). During primary school, I massively enjoyed singing and performing, so I always fancied myself as a bit of a future Tunstall. Needless to say, that one never quite materialised!  Some of the most well known tracks on this record the include the ever so famous ‘Suddenly I See’ and ‘The Black Horse and the Cherry tree’. My personal favourites include ‘Other Side Of The World’ and ‘Under The Weather’. Her music might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely been helping me get through the week. If you’re looking for something new, (or old for that matter) give it a listen!Image by sgcreative on Unsplash