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The Culture Column: Insurgent

Before the bombardment of exams and the never ending pile of revision notes, I used to manage to go out. Over the Easter holidays I went along to ODEON Lancaster and watched the recently released science fiction action film, Insurgent.

The film itself is the follow on from the 2014 release, Divergent. It is a MUST to have seen this before watching Insurgent as the story carries over. Otherwise the consequences may be similar to mine which included my boyfriend asking questions every thirty seconds! “Who is she?”, “Was he in the first one?” and my personal favourite “Is he in something else we’ve seen?” Spare yourself the agony and watch Divergent beforehand- this is a great watch too!

After my mini rant, onto the film! Insurgent is action packed right from the start with all the issues from Divergent brought to the fore. The narrative and story line are clever and prominent throughout, even though there is a slight resemblance to The Hunger Games series.

The factions system in the Divergent series is very similar to the district system in The Hunger Games. Keep an eye out for this and be sure to let me know if you feel the same!

The overall plot of the sequel is that Tris and Four are aiming to bring down Jeanine and the Erudite faction (don’t worry, watch the first film and this will all make sense). In doing so the pair have to work their way through the factions before coming face to face with Jeanine in a thrilling finale.

Although being an action movie, I would say that Insurgent’s main audience is majority young teenage girls. This may be down to Theo James, who plays the part of Four, appearing shirtless at several times throughout the film. He was voted number six in Glamour’s sexiest men of 2015 for a reason!

Although Insurgent may be aimed at younger females, it has something for the whole family. But there is no time for gossip as the film’s plot meanders throughout with twists and turns around every corner.

But without giving too much away, Summit Entertainment have confirmed that the third film, Allegiant, will be released in March 2016. I will certainly be planning a gap in my 21st birthday celebrations for this one!


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