Charlie Coco Review

So, over the summer, with guilt-free procrastination the name of the game, a lot of time was spent scrolling around social media. It was here, in the realm of festival selfies and holiday pics and status disses, between that couple that always argue but stay together, that something unusual caught my eye. As Facebook now do ads, tailored ads I may (pun intended) add, I was intrigued when a suggestion for Charlie Coco’s whitening powder popped up on my news feed.

I saw the videos of vloggers smearing soot all over their teeth and was instantly hooked.

I ordered one for £15 online with free delivery, convinced at the time that it was a bargain because it was on sale, to later realise that I rarely spend over £4 on toothpaste. This realisation was quickly forgotten, or ignored, when my little gift arrived pretty quickly.

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The package came within 1-2 days of ordering, so I was already pretty impressed. When I opened it up I found a black powder, all-natural charcoal. I was a little apprehensive at the whole smearing charcoal all around my mouth thing if I’m honest, thinking that peppermint is definitely a step up from ash. But, I tried it anyway, and was happily surprised.

I wet my toothbrush, dipped it in the powder and brushed like normal for two minutes, as instructed. The powder doesn't really have a strong taste, it doesn’t really taste of anything if I’m honest, so there was no activated gag reflex or difficulty brushing.

After looking like I was eating the souls of 10,000 sinners and spitting them into my sink and after rinsing my mouth with water, I took to the mirror to inspect the difference.

I wasn’t expecting a massive change to be honest, but I noticed one instantly. While I expected it to take a few days, or a week of numerous brushes to slightly whiten my teeth, they were a lot whiter straight after brushing!

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I would definitely recommend Charlie Coco to anyone! It’s a super quick and easy way to whiten your teeth and with the amount you get in a tub, it’s definitely worth the price. The only warning I can give, from the personal experience of a clumsy consumer, is to try not to spill any; it can be a pain to clean up! This noted, I’d say it was definitely worth a try to impress for a night out!

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