Campus QT: Postgraduate Hannah Ben-Halim

This week I had the luxury of interviewing my former flatmate Hannah, aka the no.1 travel companion, excellent drunk dancer and greatest playlist-maker!

Name: Hannah Ben-Halim

Age: 22

College: Fylde

Degree: Economics

How’s post uni life? I miss uni, although I do have more money 

Job title: Assurance

What does your role entail? A lot of audits!

How did you get your grad job? I applied through the usual way, but actually ended up securing the job a few weeks before my start date!

Were you a member of any societies while at uni? Yes, I was! Big up the WaterAid society! Oh and the yoga society in my last year, which I highly recommend, takes some of the stress out of final year!

Is there any advice you’d give to students looking for jobs after uni? Don't stress about not having a job secured before you leave uni, focus on enjoying your final year!

In three words how would your friends describe you? Late, clumsy and a major sweet tooth!

Any other hobbies? I try to keep active as much as possible, and I'm a massive foodie!

What are you never seen without? Lip balm, I carry it everywhere!

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be? Hmmm probably on a mountain skiing

What would your dream job be (if you’re not already doing it)? I think a patisserie chef!

Thanks for your time Hannah!