Campus QT: Bethan Edwards

This week I interviewed my old flatmate and one of the greatest pre-drinking partners there is, Bethan!

Name: Bethan Edwards

Age: 21

Hometown: Burton upon Trent

College: Fylde til I die!

Degree: English Language in the Media

Year: Final Year

Are you a member of any societies? Her Campus (obvs) and Film Production Society.

What do you do in your spare time? Sleep, eat, and watch TV (and fail to answer people’s texts). 

In 3 words how would your friends describe you? *flicks wrist*

Celebrity crush? Too many to count (but my newest one is Joel from I’m a Celeb).

Favourite chat up line? There isn’t one…

What is your idea of a perfect date? Anything that’s not awkward to be honest!

What do you think your best feature is? Well I just thought but it sounds so, so stupid, depending on the day - but they never both go well *ha ha ha ha ha ha ha* my eyebrows!

If you could have any superpower what would it be? On X Men, there’s a member called Rogue and when she touches people she adopts their superpowers.

  • Bethan, you do know that nobody has superpowers?
  • Providing there were people with powers…! Ok,well, I wouldn’t mind a Hogwarts-esque wand. 

What are you never seen without? My superpowers. 

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be? Home or Canada (we interviewed in the Learning Zone so anywhere is better than here…)

Favourite film? Oh my gosh there are too many to list!

Favourite celebrity? Beyoncé.

Favourite artist? Beyoncé.

Favourite TV programme? Depending on the genre, I’d say Friends, Modern Family… drama wise, still on a peaky blinders hype (shout out to Natasha).

Favourite food? Burger. 

Favourite animal? Well I always loved tigers as a kid, elephants and penguins, and now I’ve got a thing about dachshunds.

What would your dream job be? Anything that makes me enough money that I can be a lady who lunches.

Best/worst thing about Christmas? I get wrapped up in the festiveness of it all to be honest.

Thanks for your time Bethan!