Campus Celebrity: Xanthe Harper

This year is the first year Lancaster University Electronic Dance Music Society has a female president, and she is indeed this week’s Her Lancaster Campus Celebrity: Xanthe Harper. Chances are you’ve seen her flicking her hair in the front row if you’ve been to a LUEDMS or Bass Race event…

So, tell us a bit about you…

I am Xanthe Harper and I’m 22. I study Fine Arts (BA) with a minor in Sociology.

How did you get your role in the society?

Because I was the best and only woman for the job!

Best thing about LUEDMS?

It's where I've made so many friends!


Why should people go to LUEDMS events?

Because LUEDMS offers a unique clubbing experience with upfront, bass-driven dance music and home-grown DJ talent - culminating in an overall vibe you can't find anywhere else in Lancaster.