Campus Celebrity: Libby Daniells

Name: Libby Daniells

Age: 20

College: Cartmel

Course of Study: Mathematics

Hobbies: Reading, Trampolining

Position on the Exec: Co-Captain and Health& Safety officer

What do they entail?

1. For Health and Safety officer I have to make sure everyone is behaving safely around the trampoline, spotting one another and ensuring everyone is dressed appropriately.

2. As Co-captain its my job to organise competition entries and supporting the team in any way that’s needed.

How long have you been in this role? I’ve been Health and Safety Office since Roses last year but have only been Co-Captain for a few weeks.

How long have you been trampolining? Since I was 6

What do you do as a society? We accept all levels of ability including beginners. We have a coach who teaches the basics as well as many different types of somersaults. For those who wish to or are in our squad we also compete in the NEUT league as well as at BUCS.

What are 5 reasons why someone should join the trampolining society?

  1. We accept any level of ability so its good if you want to try out something new
  2. It’s a really good form of exercise and is said to burn more calories than running!
  3. It’s just genuinely a really fun sport
  4. We allow everyone to compete and represent the university
  5. We wear some really pretty leotards

Thank you for your time Libby!