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This weeks Campus Celebrity is County College netball captain, Emily Evington. 

(Social sec Tasha, Captain ME, Vice captain Anna)

Course of Study: BSc Ecology and Conservation

Hobbies: Netball, Lacrosse, Hiking, Yoga, watching films, and of course going to Sugar.

Exec Positon: Captain of County College Netball Club


What does this role entail? 

I run the training sessions on a Wednesday and a Sunday, as well as sorting out the training times, equipment, paying for the courtslots and then lots of extra boring admin stuff! I also watch every CCNC match whether that’s the As, Bs or both the C teams, as well as playing for the As every week. The start of the year is always crazy, especially running trials and picking teams, but it’s all worth it. It also means leading by example when it comes to the socials, one of the most valuable parts of County Netball!

How long have you been involved in this? 

I have officially been Captain since September this year, although I was elected in May and had a lot to do over the summer to make sure CCNC was ready to welcome new members this year. Though I have been involved in CCNC since last September when I joined Lancaster Uni, and played for the As last year.

What do you do as a society? 

We train twice a week, and the A’s and B’s are a part of the inter-college league, with regular matches every week. The Cs are in the Just Play league and have a match most weeks. It’s not just playing Netball, every other week we have a social on a Wednesday night. Each social is always accompanied with a theme, meaning our fancy dress skills are finely tuned and downright fantastic. Twice a year we have a joint social with County FC and an Old Girls social too. We also have a Christmas meal, and end of year meal and awards evening.


Five reasons why someone should try College Netball/ County Netball:

1) CCNC is a great way to make friends, especially as all the girls are so lovely! They’ll make you feel welcome right away and are some of the best friends you could ever have.

2) Netball is by far the best sport (and we aren’t even sorry for saying so!). Every player is crucial and the team spirit is excellent. Why play anything else when you could play netball?

3) Sport is a great way of keeping fit, with two training sessions and a match you’re bound to improve your fitness.

4) County Netball helps you to become more involved in college life, adding to the sense of college pride you already have. You’ll find yourself knowing a lot more people in your college, as well as people from other colleges through matches.

5) It’s fun! The socials always provide a good laugh and some of the members most memorable stories. Training sessions are always fun as well (even if it is fitness day).

- Film fanatic - Social media addict & - Part time netballer Although, still dreaming of becoming a Prima Ballerina
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