Campus Celebrity: Alice Rose

Name: Alice Rose

Age: 20

College: Cartmel

Course of Study: English Language

Hobbies: reading, playing ukulele, art (papercuttings, sketches), watching Disney films.

What is your position in Her Campus Lancaster? I’m the social media officer!

What does this role entail? 

I’m the person who shares our newly published articles on our Facebook and Twitter. I also run the @hercampuslancs Instagram which I try to upload to every day. I include lots of motivational quotes to make people smile- check us out (plug, plug)!

How long have you been involved in this? 

I got this role in October and I’ve loved sharing all of our writers’ wonderful articles!

What do you do as a society? 

We meet up most Mondays and our editors treat us to some great snacks (thanks guys!). During these meetings, we discuss our article ideas for the next week or so but it’s also a really nice atmosphere where we can catch up with our editors and fellow writers.

Give 5 reasons why someone should join Her Campus Lancaster:

1). You get to meet lots of new people and make new friends!

2). You’re free to write about whatever interests you, from politics to baking.

3). It looks great on your CV because your writing is published online.

4). You get feedback on your writing which can help you to improve your skills.

5). Did I mention our editors bring us snacks?!

Are you involved with any other media sites?

Other than my personal profiles, I use social media such as Instagram to promote my Etsy business (Etsy: RosebudCuttings, Insta: @rosebudcuttings) in which I make and sell papercuttings!

What do you think is useful about using social media for promotion?

Social media is so useful for promotion because it helps us to reach a wider audience who may not be checking our Lancaster chapter every single day. By sharing the articles online, we can ensure that our readers don’t miss any of our pieces. It’s also great because our writers can then share our posts on their own pages so their friends and family can see what they’re writing about at university.

Thanks for your time Alice!