The Best Films of 2018: Predictions

Although 2017 won’t go down in history as one of the best years in the UK, there were some stellar films and blockbusters that were brought to our cinema screens across all genres. From the dramatic and powerful story of Allied soldiers evacuating Dunkirk in the second world war to the quirky musical drama La La Land, hopefully 2018 can give us the same level of quality and variety we’re all expecting. Here is a list of the films I’m most excited about seeing in 2018!

1.    The Incredibles 2 (released on the 15th of June): because who didn’t love the first one, we loved it when we were younger and we’ll continue to love watching it as we get older. Hopefully the second film will be just as funny and doesn’t turn into a massive flop like some Disney sequels have done in the past, I have faith.  (Image from

2.    Mulan (released on the 2nd of November): Disney have been doing their fair share of retelling classic animated films in the form of live-action pictures, such as Beauty and the Beast last year and Cinderella in 2015, with the next one being the remake of the loved Mulan to arrive later this year. Everyone I know has a favourite favourite Disney film, and although I do think that in some ways they’ll never quite match up to the classics, it’s a great idea to give classically loved tales a fresh lick of paint and appreciate these stories in a new way. 

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3.    Deadpool 2 (released on the 1st June): The second sequel on my list is the sequel of the much adored Deadpool, which was a film that everybody seemed to be raving about when it came out in 2016. This Superhero film based on the Marvel Comic character did not have a shy writing style lets just say, it was out there, risky and at some parts hilarious, It’d be great if the new film could be just as sparky and action-packed!(Image from

4.    Tomb Raider (released on the 16th of March): Alicia Vikander is playing Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider film. Just through watching the trailer you get the sense that this is going to be an action packed and thrilling film to watch.  (Image from

5.    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Gringelwald (released on the 16th of November): Yet another sequel bringing us back to the exciting realm of Harry Potter and JK Rowling goodness. The second instalment stars Jonny Depp, Ezra Miller and Jude Law to name a few and hopefully will be just as exciting and enjoyable as the first. (Image from

6.    Mamma Mia! Here We go Again (released 20th of July): Last but certainly not least is the new Mamma Mia film, I’m so excited for this ABBA-tastic, feel good musical and if its anything like the original it can’t disappoint. The plot line is about Sophie learning about her mother’s past while pregnant; sounds like we’re going to see a lot more 70’s get ups and dot, dot, dots. Cannot wait!  (Image from