The Best Apps To Help You Revise

We are constantly on our phones, so why not make best use of them? There are plenty of different apps to download for Android or Apple that are free, easy to use and might just make revising that little bit easier!

1. Quizlet

Quizlet is an online learning tool that helps students via flashcards and various game activities. You can use it as an app or on your computer and if you have an exam or test coming up on a certain subject try searching for it on Quizlet! Often people have made flashcards previously on the topic you are seeking but you can also create your own set of cards that are personal for you. Once you have created the flashcards you can play all kinds of games with them, so it is a fun way of learning definitions too!

2. Meditation apps e.g. Calm and Headspace

I know friends who use meditation apps that help them to calm their nerves in a healthy way and keep them relaxed through stressful times. Some examples of these kind of apps include: Headspace, Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus and Sleep better, Digipill and Yoga for beginners. You might feel silly doing it but it might just help calm you down in the lead up to exams.

3. Planner Pro

Many students are likely to already have this due to keeping track of when they have lectures, seminars, tutorials etc. but an app planner can be useful when planning revision sessions for yourself. This means you can plan around when you still have lectures, sports activities, social time and societies instead of just revising when you get a free minute.

4. Countdown

Countdown allows you to insert important upcoming dates, such as exams and deadlines, and it reminds you every now and then when they will be e.g. ‘Your English Exam is in two months’. I find this helps to prompt me to revise and motivate me by being reminded of how much time i have left, but it also reminds you that your holiday or festival is approaching so it can also help to take your mind off exams!

5. Remember the Milk

This app lets you add and complete notes and lists, meaning you can do this when out and about and can sync them to your computer too. It allows you to priorities particular notes as well as set yourself reminders and you can receive a text or email informing you to get working!

6. iMindMap

With this app, you can create mind maps using its built-in sketch tool and digital add-ons - including some snazzy freehand branches. You can even record audio notes and have them to sync to the cloud so you can access your creations from multiple devices.

7. Google Documents

I use this on my laptop when taking notes in lectures as it stores all of your documents online so you cannot lose them unless you choose to delete them. There is also an app version available, meaning you can write up documents on the go and it is very simple to use, so it is also great for making quick revision notes.