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7 Songs To Add To Your Halloween Playlist

When spooky season comes around, so does the need to add some spooky songs to your playlist. So, I have put together 7 songs that will undoubtably fill your day with Halloween vibes.

‘This Is Halloween’ – Marilyn Manson

What better song to start off with than a Marilyn Manson song. From ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ movie soundtrack, ‘This Is Halloween’ shows Manson at his most spooky (rather than his usual scary). This song encapsulates everything that is Halloween, with an added touch of theatrical vibes.

‘Square Hammer’ – Ghost

This song is everything you could want from a song, and more. Powerful vocals and strong lyrics turn this song into a flawless Halloween tune. Also, Ghost always dress as spooky ghouls for performances, so it adds a fantastic layer of extra creepiness.

‘Creep’ – Jinkx Monsoon

A cover of the original by Radiohead, drag artist and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 winner Jinkx Monsoon amps up the creepy on ‘Creep’, turning it into a fantastically spooky rendition. Add this to your playlist for a heart-wrenching, spine-tingling, and captivating time.

‘Monster’ – The Automatic

‘What’s that coming over the hill?’ It is indeed a monster of a bop that could be playing through your headphones, if you decide to add this song to a daily playlist. A classic and catchy tune, guaranteed to make any day Halloween.

‘Disturbia’ – Rihanna

As soon as the song begins with the unforgettable “bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum”, you will immediately start bopping along to this spookily good song. Perfect for any Halloween party, ‘Disturbia’ promises to make any time, a great time.

‘Going To Hell’ – The Pretty Reckless

With its fast beat and Taylor Momsen’s captivating voice, ‘Going To Hell’ makes for the perfect Halloween soundtrack. Most songs by The Pretty Reckless fit with the desired spine-chilling mood, but this song in particular provides exactly what you need for hair-raising listen.

‘Addams Groove’ – MC Hammer

Upbeat and little bit hilarious, ‘Addams Groove’ by MC Hammer is exactly what you hope it will be, but also nothing you expect it to be. From the 1991 film, ‘The Addams Family’, this movie soundtrack is both chilling and cheery.

Don’t forget, these songs aren’t bound to the Halloween season, play them any day of the year to provide something spooky to your day. I hope this list has provided you with some songs (some that are hopefully new to you!) to add to your playlist.

Currently a 3rd (and final!) year English Literature and Creative Writing student at Lancaster University.  
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