6 Essential Pieces For Your Autumn Wardrobe

Now that summer is a distant memory and the spookiness of Halloween has truly faded, it’s time for the best season of fashion. Autumnal fashion is all about classic, iconic pieces that come around every year, providing cosiness and warmth (the most important factor), whilst looking good. Here are 6 staple items for your wardrobe, essential for this time of the year.

1. Mustard Yellow Jumper(image from newlook.com)

Mustard yellow was a colour that was popularised this past spring, but its roots lie in autumn. This colour fits in perfectly with falling leaves and early sunsets, adding a layer of warmth to nearly any outfit. Get one a few sizes bigger than you need, pair it with some black jeans and there you have a super cosy, iconic look.

2. An Oversized Scarf

(image from asos.com)

A scarf is a simple way to accessorize an outfit, so an oversized scarf is even better. A statement piece that adds warmth and can quite easily be used as a blanket, wherever you go!

3. An Umbrella

(image from julianrphotography.com)

This autumnal weather is guaranteed to bring some unwelcome downpours, meaning that an umbrella is absolutely necessary, so it might as well look good. Bright reds and oranges make bold statements, while printed patterns can have a subtle effect. Make sure that you value quality over budget, you don’t want to be the one completely drenched, holding a mangled mess of fabric and metal. Splash out the cash so you don’t splashed.

4. A Cosy Beanie

(image from newlook.com)

Cold ears? No problem. Grab a woolen beanie (preferably with added fluffiness) and you’ll be on a whole new level of warmth. These are cute and comfy, perfect for any autumnal day.

5. Not Quite Winter Boots

(image from newlook.com)

Rain, mud, mushy leaves, puddles and the cold are common attributes of an autumn day, so appropriate footwear is essential. A pair of black, flat, lace-up ankle boots would be perfect. These can be worn with any outfit, for a multitude of occasions: stomping through leaves, rainy walks, and sitting by a fire (ooh cosy).

6. Fuzzy Socks

Last, and most importantly, cosy socks are the best thing you can have in an autumnal wardrobe! Fluffy, woollen, fuzzy, all with fun (festive, perhaps?) designs. With socks like these, you can bring cosiness and comfort everywhere you go!

I hope the ideas on this list bring you comfort and warmth this autumn, with a side of seasonal fashion!