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6 Cosy Study Spots in Lancaster

At this point in the term, sitting in the campus library can start to feel like Groundhog Day and the Greggs queue is longer and more unbearable than ever. Luckily, Lancaster is home to plenty of cosy study spots: here’s my list of just a few of them.



Brew is right in the heart of town, just down from Common Garden Street, so easily accessible on the bus if you’re still not super familiar with town. They have recently extended their opening hours on a Thursday, which is perfect for a late-night study session. Their wide selection of delicious cakes, savoury muffins and hot drinks offer the perfect treat to help you power through and meet those deadlines. We love it so much we hold our exec meetings there every week!

Central Library

Bored of the same setting each day but still need a focused atmosphere to get work done? The Central Library in town is perfect for that. They’re open Monday to Saturday from 9am until 5pm, except Wednesdays when they stay open until 7pm.



Atkinsons is the go-to study spot for all students based in town, mostly due to their infamously strong coffee! They have plenty of seating and plenty of indulgent sweet treats. Pop next door and you’ll even find they have their own tea and hot chocolate selection.

The Music Room

If Atkinsons is busy and you still need that coffee fix while you work, the Music Room is minutes away. It’s slightly smaller, but the calm and cosy atmosphere can really help with the stress of midterm deadlines.



On a tight budget? No problem. Diggles have two locations in town – Market Street and Ffrances Passage – with plenty of seating and cheap eats to keep you going. They even do their food to go if you feel like straying back to campus.Starbucks

Don’t be fooled by the small downstairs seating area of the Market Street Starbucks. Upstairs, there is a super cosy seating area – it even has desks for you to study on. Plus, who doesn’t love a pumpkin spiced latte in this freezing winter weather?


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