5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe on a Budget

We're officially into the second week of term and, if you're anything like me, that overdraft is already taking a hit. Having a small budget does not mean having to scrimp on style, though. Here are five of my hacks to nailing the perfect winter wardrobe...without breaking the bank.

  1. 1. Sell your old stuff on Depop

    Student accommodation is notoriously tiny, so if you want new clothes, you’re going to have to make room for them. Selling old stuff on Depop is the best way to get rid of it; you earn some much-needed extra cash and someone else gives that old pair of trainers a new lease of life.

  2. 2. Buy your new stuff on Depop

    In case you didn’t get the memo, 2020 is the year of sustainable fashion. Depop has such variety in its sellers and products that you’re bound to find some gems that are just your style. Plus, you’re doing your bit for the environment, so it’s a win win.

  3. 3. Get UniDays

    UniDays is a free discount site for students, giving you bargains on everything from ASOS to Bella Italia. It doesn’t just make that new wardrobe a little more affordable, it gives you some deliciously cheap places to show it off at, too!

  4. 4. Buy wardrobe staples

    As a student, with a combination of little money and little space, having enough clothes to nail your seasonal wardrobe can be tricky. The best solution to this is to buy good quality wardrobe staples: these are items that are versatile, can be dressed up or down, worn with trainers or boots, etc. FYI: a good denim jacket never goes out of style.

  5. 5. Wear whatever you like!

    We've all been there. You see that amazingly bold leopard print coat, those bright pink boots, the huge gold hoops that always catch your eye, but you tell yourself: 'I could never pull it off.' Well, let me be the one to tell you: you can pull it off. Own it! Confidence is the key to the perfect outfit - and it's free.

Make sure to also check out Lancaster's Vintage Kilo Sale on Saturday 19th October for loads of second-hand bargains: https://www.facebook.com/events/630466270783477/