5 Ways To Make The Most Of The February Sun

1.Take a walk

If you live on campus, why not take a break from studying in your flat to make the most of the fantastic woodland trail? Town also has plenty of lovely places to walk in the sunshine, including the Lancaster canal, Fairfield nature reserve and, of course, Williamson Park.

2. Study outdoors

Can’t justify ignoring your studies for the sun? Grab your books and snacks and hit the benches around campus for a more enjoyable study session.

3. Find a great beer garden

Lancaster is full of amazing pubs and cafes where you can enjoy a drink outdoors. Start exploring them while the sun is out!

4. Go to the beach

With Morecambe only a short bus ride away, you can enjoy a summery beach trip all year round. Take a walk along the seafront, visit the arcades, or even just enjoy a costa with a view.

5. Test drive your spring-summer wardrobe

Warmer weather calls for a new wardrobe, or at least leaving your heavy winter coat at home! If you have some summery tops lying about, now is the perfect time to showcase them. If you’re like me and left them at home for the term, why not treat yourself to a few bargains? The sun is a rarity in Lancaster, after all.

All images are writer's own