5 Ways To Dress Spooky This October

I think the whole of October should be a celebration of Halloween, one day is just not enough. So, why not use the entire month to dress in subtle, spooky outfits? Here are 5, dead easy suggestions to spark your Halloween inspiration:

1. Beetlejuice Bottoms

Embody the classic Beetlejuice look with some striped black and white trousers, a bold statement that subtly screams Halloween. Instead of a palazzo style, find some skinny jeans with the same print and suddenly you’re the incarnate image of Jack Skellington.

(image from elle.es)

2. Skeletal Accessories

(image from ebay.com)

For some low-key spooks, a simple accessory will do the trick (or treat). A skeleton charm on a choker, for example, will let the person next to you, but not the person across from you on the street, know just how ready you are for this Halloween.

3. Spooky Sweaters

(image from asos.com)

Ugly Christmas jumpers are a staple of the month of December, so why not October too? Halloween jumpers, I mean. Perfect to keep you both warm AND spooky.

4. Black Buckle Boots

(image from newlook.com)

Who knew you could be both spooky and fashionable? With boots like these, you can stomp your way through the autumn leaves whilst leaving a subtle trail of creepy couture.

5. Petrifying Pins

(image from etsy.com)

An enamel pin with a Halloween theme will discreetly add a hint of frightening fashion to any outfit. Easy to wear and quick to find, these are essential to keep creepy this season.

I hope this list leads you have a spooky, kooky and, ultimately, creepy month of Halloween!