The 5 Emotional Stages Of Being Halfway Through Your Degree

1. Shock

It feels like it was only a week ago that it was Fresher’s Week – how am I halfway through my degree already?!

2. Confusion

How has time gone so quickly? It’s as though it’s on x2 speed in Lancaster.


3. Denial

Maybe if you don’t think about it, time will slow down… Or continue at the scarily fast speed it’s always gone.

4. Sadness

It won’t be long until you can’t sit in your pyjamas, in your kitchen, drinking tea with your flatmates at any time of day, and no more NUS offers at Greggs.*Sobs*

5. Excitement

The fact that you will soon be moving onto the next stage in life, the real world, is scary, but it’s exciting with all its brilliant opportunities and new challenges. So look forward to the future!