10 Unisex Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Stuck trying to find budget-friendly secret Santa gifts with time running out? We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 of the best unisex gifts out there for even the most difficult people to buy for...


Hug in a box

This gift is perfect for friends who are doing long-distance while at uni! In three easy steps you can have a personalised gift sent through their letterbox – all you have to do is pick the contents of the box from their list of options. They have everything from candles to hipflasks, so there really is something for everyone.

Price: depends on the gift you choose!

'100 movies to see of all time' scratch poster

This is the perfect gift to ensure your days of spending hours scrolling through Netflix searching for a film to watch are behind you. The poster showcases the top rated 100 films with unique illustrations for each that are uncovered once you watch the film and scratch off the box. This is a great choice for your film buff friends, or even just as a house gift to make second term a little more exciting.

Price: £14 on Amazon


Bluetooth shower speaker

As you probably already know, the Black Friday sales are starting, and many shops currently have amazing deals on electronics. A shower speaker may well be the perfect cheap and unique gift – there are some really snazzy designs out there! And let’s be honest, anybody would be grateful for an excuse to spend longer in the shower when it’s this cold outside.

Price: range from £10- £17 on Amazon


Santa banter game

The Christmas version of the amazing Obama on a llama game is a perfect secret Santa gift! The game promises giggles as partners work together to mime, describe and guess rhymes. It’s also a gift which benefits the whole house!

Price: £10 on ASOS

Typo phone accessories

Typo have loads of small accessories for phones and chargers that would make for perfect stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts. They have merchandise for loads of franchises, so you’ll be able to find something for the Potterheads as well as the Friends fans. They also have a sale on now, offering 30% off most items!

Price: depends on the accessory!


Lazy housekeeper mop slippers

We all have that housemate yet to be introduced to the hoover. Why not give them a small nudge with these slippers? You get a clean house and fewer arguments, they can continue with their lazy lifestyle: win-win!

Price: £6.99 on Iwoot


Spreadable mulled wine

A staple for the festive months, spreadable mulled wine is a Christmas specialty, so you had best make the most of it while you can. With this gift, fans of mulled wine are able to enjoy maximum intake of the spiced wintery delight well into the new year. They also have gin, rum and whiskey versions available, all of which are vegan!

Price: £9.99 Firebox

Hot chocolate bombes

These bombes create a perfect, quick hot chocolate – all you have to do is drop them into a glass of warm milk! Each pack comes with three bombes and is a great little gift for a secret Santa with a sweet tooth.

Price: £8.99 Firebox


Cadburys pick and mix hamper sets

Christmas means chocolate, and what is more chocolatey than Cadburys. The Cadburys gift set and edible tree ornaments are Christmas staples, and this year Cadburys are offering a hamper too. You can choose all the products in the hamper, so you can make the gift as personal, and budget-friendly, as you like.

Price: depends on which products you go for!

Name a star giftbox

Who wouldn’t love to receive this super special gift? A whole star named after you! This thoughtful set offers unique information about the star, a certificate confirming its new name, as well as general information on Astronomy.

Price: £12.99 on IWOOT