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If you’re unfamiliar with the wonder that is Galentine’s Day, it is Valentine’s lesser known (and more fun) sister. It began as spending Feb 13th with lady friends, leaving significant others for the day and celebrating female friendship over a boozy brunch – as Leslie Knope introduced to us on Parks and Rec. But, it has also began to swallow up February 14th for the single and the uninterested. So, I made a list of all the fun things you can do with your gals this Feb 14th.

Watch your favourite comedies

Kick back in your PJs and belly-laugh through Digital Spy’s best female-fronted comedies – including the legendary Bridesmaids and Girls Trip. Or, scroll through Netflix and take the opportunity to tick off some of those films on your My List.​

Spa day/home pamper

Take a trip to the Marriott Preston or the Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village. If you want something more budget-friendly, make a quick trip to Lidl and stock up on the essentials: face packs, manicure kits, and bath bombs. Get in a fluffy dressing gown and bring the spa to your door.

Beach Day!

Morecambe is only a bus ride away, after all. Pack a picnic and take the day out to the beach. Get an ice-cream, sunbathe (okay, yes it’s February and we’re in the North but we can dream), and maybe dip your toe in the sea.

Go on a wander

On that note, strap on a good pair of shoes and go for a gander around Lancaster – see how far you can get, find something you’ve never seen before. Or hop on the first bus or train that comes in and ride it until you fancy getting off, then go exploring.

Go out for a fancy meal

Treat yourself to a good meal out – Bella Italia does 50% off mains on weekdays and Sundays after 4PM. Not to mention, Spoons has especially yummy pitchers…

Make some cocktails

Whether you have the effort to make a Mojito, are feeling adventurous enough to attempt a Pork-Fat-Washed Mezcal (yes, that’s a real thing), or would prefer to just pour coconut rum and pineapple juice into the same glass and call it a day, cocktails are a fab way to feel fancy and start the night off right. Find more cocktails to make here.

Have a game night

Take a trip down to Trevor for some board games, a pub in town for some darts and pool, or get out a good old deck of cards in the flat.

Go to the theatre

Dress up fancy as a group and head out to The Dukes or Lancaster Grand Theatre in town to watch a show or support Lancaster Arts by visiting Nuffield Theatre at the North end of campus. See what’s on here.

Be positive, be supportive

By yourself or as a group, write some positives about yourself – my hair looks great today, I really understood what that lecture was about, I tried a new perfume and it smells great!

Do something new and a little bit out-there

Go to the salon and get a totally new hairstyle, buy that outfit you don’t think you can pull off (you can), buddy up and box-dye each other’s hair, write a bucket list and tick something off, book a girl’s trip somewhere obscure, get some teeny tiny tattoos together.

The most important thing this Galentine’s is to spend time with your pals and celebrate yourselves – Valentine’s is overrated.

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