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10 Reasons Why Adele Is The Real Queen Bee

Move over Beyonce, the cackling Queen from London is back and she means business.

  1. Uh … Hello?



… No name … No picture … Just a black background, some lyrics and that voice.

Seriously, who else can just drop a new track like that after 3 years?! No-one, that’s who.

     2. Damn, girl

She challenges the stereotype of what a female pop star supposedly should look like and she looks damn good doing it. She’s a genuinely strong, independent woman and a role model for young girls: “I’ve seen people who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, how it wears them down – I don’t want that in my life” – Adele (Vogue, 2011)

     3. Family comes first

Adele is famously secretive about her son and so she should be. It’s not a positive environment for a child to be brought up in when they are exposed to paparazzi and a complete lack of privacy. Good on Adele for being strong and putting her family before fame.

      4. Stick it to the men

Many pop-stars take inspiration from their (failed) relationships to create music, but none so much as our Adele, she wrote an entire number 1 album aimed at the man who broke her heart (you’ve kind of got to feel sorry for the guy). If anyone tells you they’ve never cried when listening to Someone Like You, they’re lying; it’s so much more powerful and beautiful than We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together Like Ever OMG

       5. That Voice

Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Adele.  Easily one of the best female singers in history, she doesn’t rely on booty shaking, big beats or famous collaborations to sell records, Adele sells records with pure talent. 

      6. That Other Voice

Adele wouldn’t be Adele without that cackling laugh, rich Estuary accent and huge personality. Everyone will remember the first time they watched Adele perform live and, as the piano faded away, they were brought back to Earth with a thud as someone (who couldn’t possibly be the same person who just sang like an angel) cried out “AWWW FANK YOU SO MUCH”, and we all just fell in love with her for it.

       7. Tea and biscuits

Rumour Has It (see what I did there) that while other pop stars ask for blue Skittles, champagne and a full body massage, all Adele has on her rider is a kettle, tea, lemon, honey and some biscuits. This really sums up our humble, loveable and truly British gal, who seems like she could be anyone’s best friend. Basically, she’s real.

       8. She’s not afraid to speak her mind

Remember that time Adele gave the middle finger to the big bosses when they cut off her emotional and patriotic speech at the BRIT Awards? Uh huh, and it’s not the only time she’s been the one to say what we’ve all been thinking.

          9. Honesty’s the best policy

Adele can be very open with personal problems, such as her past alcoholism, when it has the potential to help others to receive support. Despite no longer drinking she still looks like she’d be a top laugh on a night out, she’s just so full of energy and joy.

          10. 25

It speaks volumes when every other artist on the planet pushes back their album release date because Adele has announced her new album, 25, will be released in less than a month. The first single from the album, Hello, leapt straight to number 1 in both the UK and the US, selling over 900,000 copies in 3 days across the two countries. The music video for Hello received 70 million views in 4 days and the album topped the pre-order chart in 93 countries, with a whopping 100,000 pre-orders within 24 hours in the US alone.

And she apologised:

So yeah, top that, Bey.

Naomi-Jayne is a 20-year-old student at Lancaster University, majoring in English Language and Linguistics. She's passionate about animals, with an eclectic mix of pets back at home at her picturesque Suffolk smallholding, and loves to spend time relaxing with her boyfriend and her large family. Njay is looking towards a career in advertising and publicity.
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