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Romantic comedies are heartwarming, fun, exciting, and have always been some of my favorite movies! There are so many to choose from that are all great from Pretty Woman to The Wedding Singer and everything in between. A lot of the best rom-coms are from the 80s and 90s and for whatever reason, some of the best have been forgotten. Today, I’d like to urge you to watch my personal favorite rom-com and what I believe is one of the most underrated: You’ve Got Mail.


I’ve talked to so many friends who have seen rom-coms from around the same time, with the same actors, like Sleepless in Seattle, and somehow have never stumbled upon this gem, so I am thrilled to talk about it!


You’ve Got Mail stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks as feuding book store owners, Kathleen Kelly, and Joe Fox. Unbeknownst to both of them, they have also been talking anonymously in a chatroom, discussing everything from business troubles to life in New York, without ever realizing who the other actually is!


Supporting cast members include pre-fame Dave Chappelle as Tom Hanks’ right-hand man and at the time, up-and-coming actor, Greg Kinnear. In addition, sitcom legend Jean Stapleton (of the iconic All in the Family) brings so much light and heart as her role as Kelly’s mother figure. 


This movie has countless funny lines and quotes you’ll be repeating for days after (or years if you’re anything like me)!


It has twists and turns you wouldn’t expect, always keeps you on your toes even if you think you know, and will have you walking away feeling hopeful and so much happier than you were when you started.


It’s free on Hulu or Amazon Prime so go watch You’ve Got Mail and I promise you’ll be glad you did!



Lisa Green

Lafayette '24

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm a freshman at Lafayette. I'm interested in theater, politics, cooking and more!
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