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Why You Need to Check out Vegan Treats

Vegan Treats is an entirely vegan bakery located only 20 minutes from Lafayette's campus. They specialize in pastries such as cookies, donuts, and cakes that are all entirely vegan. They also have vegan soft-serve ice cream and offer different flavors every week. Additionally, they have many Gluten Free options, so this is a place where all of your friends can find something to enjoy! 


The owner, Danielle, began Vegan Treats over 20 years ago. The website states "As an ethical vegan, Danielle set out to make a vegan cake that didn’t just taste good, but actually tasted better than any other cake, vegan or otherwise." Danielle has succeeded. She ships her desserts all over the country and has gained over 169,000 Instagram followers. Vegan Treats was named one of the top 10 bakeries by American Express. We are so lucky to have an ethical and delicious option so close to campus. 


Overall, you need to check out what Vegan Treats has to offer. Even if you are not vegan, the shop outdoes itself with taste, aesthetics, and service. Make sure to stop by before you head home for the semester! 


Check them out at @vegantreats. 

Maggie Larsen

Lafayette '23

Econ major at Lafayette College
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