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Why Lexi is the Best Euphoria Character

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When season one of Euphoria was released in 2019, viewers quickly fell in love with the show. From the amazing cinematography to the interesting characters, it became a hit, especially among Gen-Z. There was one intriguing character, who was in the background of the first season: Lexi Howard. Lexi was often overshadowed by her best friend, Rue, and her older sister, Cassie. In many of the scenes she appeared in, she was hidden in the background and did not get the same level of development as many of the other central, leading characters. Many fans of the show felt that she wasn’t getting as much screen time as she deserved, because even in her limited screen time she was a very charming and funny character.

With the release of season two this January, it seems like Lexi is finally getting the recognition and screen time she deserves. The first episode featured an unlikely friendship between Lexi and a previously established character, Fez, at the New Year’s party. It was great to see Lexi connect with someone new who was interested in talking about her personal beliefs. In episode two, we learned that Lexi often feels like an observer in her life; however, she decided to push herself out of her comfort zone by going to Fez’s convenience store. Finally, in episode three we learn that Lexi has been writing a play based on her life which she is going to direct at her high school. In this play, she puts herself as the lead rather than continuing to view herself as the sidekick who is always undervalued and in the background.

In a show filled with so many characters getting into trouble and betraying their friends, it is comforting to see scenes focused on Lexi. One common critique of Euphoria is that the characters are too unrealistic. It often seems like all of the characters in the show are constantly partying, doing drugs, and getting into trouble with the law. Many of the characters are even meant to be unlikeable. Who doesn’t get frustrated when they see Nate Jacobs manipulating yet another character? 

Unlike many of the other leads, Lexi is clearly one of the more relatable characters on the show. Her introverted and caring personality makes her a very likable character. I loved watching her dress up as Bob Ross to the Halloween party in season one, and ever since the release of the second season, she has become my favorite character on the show. I have loved watching Lexi become more confident in herself, and I am excited to see what is in store for her in the rest of the show.

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