What's a Her Campus?

Hello, fellow random clickers!


If you’re anything like me, you clicked on this link because you’re just as confused about this organization as I was. Simply put: Her Campus is an online magazine for college women and by college women. Coming from an area where girls pride themselves on posting pictures from the Women’s March and shaming others for not wholeheartedly and publicly supporting EVERYTHING with the word “female” in it, I never really felt comfortable identifying as a feminist.

Despite Lafayette’s Her Campus’s colorful Instagram posts, promising giveaways, and sassy twitter references, I was able to prolong giving in to the hype for a while. Long story short, I got stuck in an Instagram black hole, and before I knew it, I was writing this article for Her Campus itself.


Here are the reasons I decided to read a part of Her Campus:

1.    It’s just like those gossip magazines you begged your parents to let you buy when you were younger, only now it’s age-appropriate.


2.    A lot of the writers are funny, so by default, reading their articles will make you funnier.


3.    Reading is good for you. Stop wasting your time on social media. Her Campus won’t edit themselves to look better than you AND you’ll get your much-needed study break.


4.    You’ll probably end up learning some tips. They can be anything from study tips, friendship tips, food tips, maybe sex tips. I don’t know, there are so many options, I haven’t read everything! 


5.    Your friends write articles too! Support your pals and read up on what people may not be saying out loud! Lafayette students write the articles for Lafayette, which means you’re not only hearing from other college students but from other Pards that know what life at Lafayette is like too.

So, support your friends, and if you feel like you have no friends and just like words… maybe look into joining Her Campus. Her Campus has so many categories to read about and a ton of resources on the website. Plus, come on, the graphics are pretty cute一I don’t care who you are, you have to admit that. How could you pass up exploring opportunities to hear another person’s perspective, possibly build your resume, AND, in the process, make friends? Her Campus can be made into whatever you want it to be! So cur non Pards, what’s the worst that can happen?