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As a first-year student one month into college, I think I can say I’ve finally adjusted to college life, and with that, college food. I’ve discovered which foods I like and which foods I don’t like. Out of the dining options, here’s what I typically choose to eat in a day at Lafayette!

Breakfast: When I have time, I love to go to Mojo with my roommate to get breakfast before class. My go-to order is a plain bagel with “mojo butter” (brown sugar cinnamon butter) and a berry smoothie! One thing I love about Mojo is that it conveniently accepts Pard dollars. When I have 8 a.m. classes, though, I usually just eat apple cinnamon oatmeal in my dorm room.

Snack: In between classes, I like to eat a granola bar, specifically Quaker “Big Chewy” bars. The chocolate drizzle on top of the bar sweetens my day in an instant, and keeps me full until lunchtime. I have also been snacking on gummy bears lately.

Lunch: My favorite place to get lunch on campus is Gilbert’s Cafe located in Kirby House. I am obsessed with their vegan buffalo chickpea smash, a sandwich made with chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce on lightly toasted bread. This choice is healthy, delicious, and very filling. I recommend getting chips for your side and a piece of fruit like a banana.

Dinner: Recently, I have been going to the Trolley Stop Diner for dinner with my roommate. I really enjoy their Leopard Bowls, which are macaroni and cheese bowls. My recommendation is the Leopard Tots bowl which has tater tots on top! I also would recommend the sweet potato fries and grilled chocolate chip muffins with butter. Since the Trolley Stop is part of the Meal Exchange, you can use a meal swipe for any meal less than $8.00.

Dessert: My day would not be complete without some kind of dessert. After dinner, a brownie sundae from the Trolley Stop is the best dessert to split with a friend (or to eat by yourself:)).

Though I don’t always eat the same thing every day, this is a good glimpse into my diet here at college. It can sometimes be hard to find time to sit down and eat in between classes and club meetings. However, I always aim to eat three meals a day and make time to eat with friends and relax a little. I encourage you to do the same! 

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