What To Do for Your Quarantine Halloweekend

This year would have been the perfect Halloweekend. Halloween falls on a Saturday, on a full moon, with daylight savings happening the same weekend. However, since most of us are still at home social distancing, here are some ways that you could spend your Halloween this year. 


  1. Firstly, you can stay home and hand out candy to the kids in your neighborhood. I feel so bad that children have been so greatly affected by the restrictions that COVID has created. The last thing I want is for Halloween to be “canceled.” Therefore, slapping on a mask and some animal ears and handing out some candy could keep the spirit alive for the little ones.
  2. Your second option is to watch some scary movies. Since Halloween is on a weekend, you can stay up all night binging the classic Halloween movies and the scariest horror movies. This might freak you out, but at least you won’t encounter the scary COVID-19.
  3. Baking and eating all of the fall treats are never out of the question. Halloween is the perfect excuse to sneak in a few extra treats. You can try all of the pumpkin-flavored foods or enjoy your favorite childhood candy.
  4. At least in my town, there have been lots of creative Halloween themed events that are happening throughout the month. Halloweekend would be the perfect time to check out these hayrides, haunted walkthroughs, and other spooky events before they shut down for the year. Of course, if you attend any such event, remember to wear a mask and stay socially distant. 
  5. If you are like me and have been swamped with homework all October, Halloweekend would be a great time to buy and carve a pumpkin. Obviously, at this point, all of the Karens will have already bought their pumpkins, so we broke college students might get a discount on the leftovers. Additionally, pumpkin carving could create some healthy competition with your friends and family. Either via Zoom or in-person, you can vote on who carved the best pumpkin.

COVID-19 does not mean that we have to sacrifice our Halloween. Instead, I encourage you to get in the spirit, be creative, and enjoy a once in a lifetime quarantine Halloweekend experience.