This Week's Binge-Worthy: "Crime Junkie"

Over winter break I got bored of the typical TV binge-watch. So, one day while aimlessly scrolling through my phone, I metaphorically stumbled into the Apple Podcast app. There I found a podcast titled “Crime Junkie”. While I know that this podcast has been around and fairly popular since 2017, I wanted to express how much it had consumed my life for three weeks and why you have to listen to it too.


“Crime Junkie” is hosted by Ashley Flowers. Every Monday Ashley retells the tales of a case either “MURDERED”, “MISSING”, “SERIAL KILLER”. Each episode goes into detail on the facts and theories of different unsolved cases. Ashley and her producer Britney also insert helpful tips to keep young women safe. These tips and hindsight are truly important for any female college student to keep in mind.


As someone who has enjoyed watching shows such as “Criminal Minds”, this podcast is perfect to get the true-crime without having to visually see the gruesome brutal scenes depicted on TV.

However, despite the show being entertaining, it brings attention to many unsolved cases. The increased attention hopefully will help bring justice and answers to the families of the victims.


Needless to say, “Crime Junkie” is worth a listening binge.