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Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Should Own!

Have you ever marveled at someone wearing something so stunning yet simple and thought to yourself, how do they pull that off? Well, I have decided that the person being marveled at is going to be you, and please don’t fight me on this one. Give your wardrobe a spring in its step by wearing these pieces that can turn any outfit into a stylish one.


1. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets go with pretty much anything. Pair it with a floral/solid tee, a neutral-colored skirt/jean shorts/jeans, sandals, and earrings, and you’ll be set for the first day of spring! It can also be worn with a sundress, and if you buy an oversized one, it is likely to fit over a sweater so you can still wear it during the cooler months.


2. Little Black Dress

Talk about a piece that will never go out of style! A simple black dress can be dressed down or up, depending on the occasion you wear it to. To dress down, pair it with a jean jacket ;) and some flats with neutral makeup. To dress up, wear with a pair of statement heels and earrings.


3. Denim Button-Down Shirt

More denim coming your way…This is definitely a go-to piece for a casual day that includes going to class and/or hanging out with friends. Look fashionable wearing this shirt while still being able to pair it with a pair of leggings and boots. 


4. Vest

I can assure you, your arms won’t be THAT cold when wearing this staple. Vests of any style (down vest, faux fur vest, etc.) can go with any sweater or long sleeve shirt of your choosing. You can wear a neutral-colored (black, navy) or a bold colored (red, yellow, etc.) vest to add some style to any fall or winter outfit. 


5. “Stylish” Leggings

Most girls have athletic leggings that they wear to the gym and class, but how about considering a pair of leggings that are a little “dressier”? This could be a pair of leather leggings, velvet leggings, leggings with lace detail, etc. Having this piece allows you to be both comfortable and stylish when dressing up for work, an interview, or anything considered formal.


6. That One Flannel

Flannels never go out of style. Wear it as a shirt or tie it around your waist! This versatile piece can also be worn in neutral or bold tones depending on your style and outfit. 


7. Beige Wedges

Spruce up any spring or summer outfit with a nice pair of wedges. Beige is a versatile color, so having shoes like this in your wardrobe is a must. They go well with jeans and a shirt, or with a sundress. 


8. Camisoles

This piece is more of a layering piece, so you can wear it under a sweater for extra warmth or use it as an underlayer when wearing a cardigan. When wearing it with a cardigan, try color-blocking your outfit so your camisole doesn’t just look like a camisole, but rather a shirt that matches perfectly with the rest of your outfit.  


9. Athletic Leggings

I think this one is self-explanatory–just make sure they have pockets.


10. That One Pair of Jeans

Denim…you just can’t escape it. It’s only right that I close my article by stating that all girls must have that one pair of jeans that makes everything look good. The wash of your jeans is up to you based on your personal style, but just make sure they can be worn with pretty much any top. 


There are so many more staples that a girl should have in her wardrobe, but for now here are some basics to slowly start to implement into your life. Happy shopping + wearing! P.S., Did I miss any important ones you think should be on this list? 

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