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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lafayette chapter.

Typically, Lafayette freshmen come to school knowing a few important things about Lafayette.  Of course, pretty much everyone is initially aware of the Rivalry, Laf’s impressive and extensive engineering programs, and maybe even a little about the Revolutionary War hero for whom the school was named.  One thing not every new student knows about, though they most certainly should, is the beautiful establishment that is the Wawa of Cattell Street. So, allow me to present to you the top five things that make Wawa so irresistibly amazing.  Class of 2023: you’re welcome.


1. Free. Water. Enough said.

    Whether it’s after a late night out or whether you’re sweating it out on your way back from Kirby Athletic Center, there’s always times when we just need a glass of ice-cold water.  Or, that is, a refreshing, extra-large plastic water cup filled with the most perfectly sized square ice cubes. Free water is arguably Wawa’s strongest asset, and it really hits the spot when you need it the most.


2. Good eats.

    Wawa caters to all of your quick dining needs.  If you’re itching for a bag of Sour Patch, daydreaming about a bacon grilled cheese sandwich, or just in the mood for a buttered Shorti Roll, Wawa has you covered.  And it’s amazing.


3. Reasonable prices.    

    All college students are pretty much ballin’ on a budget, so a late-night spot with low prices is absolutely essential.  I discussed the free water earlier, but one could go into Wawa and get a small mac and cheese with a Shorti roll for under $5.


4. A prime location.

    Located just a few blocks from campus, it takes about twenty minutes to walk to and from Wawa from Skillman Library.  This is the perfect amount time to get your legs moving and grab a snack if you’re craving a break from the homework grind.


5. Free coffee on Wawa Day.

Each April, Wawa celebrates Wawa Day by giving customers absolutely ~free~ coffee, in any size or flavor, throughout the whole day!  This year, Wawa Day fell on April 11th, and many Laf students were walking through campus with a solid energy boost and their free coffee in tow.


Not every Laf student is lucky enough to have grown up with a Wawa in close proximity. Thankfully, the city of Easton allows Leopards from far and wide to indulge in the cost-conscious, delicious, bountiful Cattell Street Wawa. If this article happens to reach prospective Class of ‘23 students who are currently deciding where they’re headed in the fall, remember: many institutions have rigorous academic programs, beautiful campuses, and plentiful extracurriculars. But not every place has Wawa.


Curran Stockton

Lafayette '22

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