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The vegetarian lifestyle can be very difficult, yet rewarding at the same time. Although many people are vegetarians for different reasons, everyone is in the same boat; no meat! The trickiest part about being a vegetarian is finding new ways to incorporate nutrition and the needed supplements to stay healthy into your diet. Of course, it is easier to be a vegetarian when there is easy access to an organic supermarket or nearby vegan or vegetarian restaurants. However, being a vegetarian in college is another story.


I officially started becoming a vegetarian about a year ago, and spent a lot of time in the first semester coming up with my favorite vegetarian home cooked meal recipes. By the time the semester ended, I had a routine of my favorite nutritious meals. However, once coming to school, that all changed. It can be hard enough to adjust to a new college lifestyle and food in a normal year, doing it all during covid made it even harder. At first, I found it very difficult to find substantial vegetarian options on campus, but now that the semester is coming to a close I can happily say that I’ve found food throughout my first real semester on campus that I can happily eat as a vegetarian! To support my fellow vegetarians, here is a list of my top 10 favorite vegetarian finds on campus!

Egg cheese and avocado on Multigrain toast: Mojo

This one is pretty self-explanatory, as a New Yorker, I definitely appreciate this one! Also, the eggs are a great source of protein.

Hunkey Monkey smoothie: Mojo

I’ve heard great things about all of the mojo smoothies, but this one is my personal favorite. It has the perfect amount of peanut butter, chocolate, and protein powder to serve as a substantial meal and a treat all at once!

Mediterranean Avocado salad- Gilberts

This salad is arguably the best on campus, with all of the additional add-ins (for the vegetarians the buffalo chickpea smash is the way to go) and the avocado with the pita and lemon vinaigrette, if you love salad this is the way to go!

Breakfast sandwich- Gilberts

This one is similar to the mojo egg cheese avocado on toast but slightly different. Usually, when I order this one, I go with an English muffin, with cheddar cheese and eggs and a side of tater tots. A super great alternative to mojo if you’re looking for a good breakfast sandwich!

Grilled Cheese- Gilberts

This is a great go-to and a Gilbert’s classic! Personally, I haven’t had it with the tomato soup, but I’ve heard it’s a great combo!

Greek salad- grab and go

Although the grab-and-go salads can be very hit or miss, the greek salad never seems to fail. The dressing is simple yet suits the salad very well, and the chickpeas with the protein are an extra plus!

Vegetables from La Farm- Marquis

Although most of the vegetable dishes on campus are good, the veggies at Marquis seem to be the move. My personal favorites are the carrots and broccoli!

Pesto pizza- Upper

This is one of my favorite finds at upper by far! This pizza is more like a flatbread, with a bit of pesto and mozzarella cheese with diced tomatoes, and is a great dinner option!

Berry Boost smoothie- Eco Cafe

This is by far the best Eco smoothie, as it’s super refreshing and a great study snack when you’re grinding out your work in Rockwell. If you need it to be more of a meal, you can also add protein powder for that extra source of nutrients!

Impossible Burger- Lower

A great alternative to when you’re craving something like a burger, but without the meat!

Hope you guys enjoy and explore these vegetarian-friendly options!

Allie Blechman

Lafayette '24

First year at Lafayette!
Layla Ennis

Lafayette '23

Junior at Lafayette College