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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for… Everyone!

Helloooo ladies and gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is around the corner! This day is either the most romantic… or the weirdest, uncomfortable, and most loathed day of the year for you and your significant other. 

Valentine’s Day can be a mixed bag of emotions because, as a single person, it can make you feel either cynical or cheesy to see couples being all ooey-gooey with each other. Maybe you’re on the other side, you’re the person in the relationship who’s being made fun of but you can’t help but be completely, madly in love and wanting to show it off. And, for some, though they might not want to admit it, this day can turn your New Year’s diet into a chocolate massacre, an entire bottle of wine, and a movie marathon of love featuring the favorites, like Dirty Dancing and The Notebook on repeat. Anyways, whether you are single and cynical, in a committed relationship, or catching feelings for your Netflix account, we have been all 3 at some point. 

But no matter the situation, everyone deserves a showering of gifts on this very special day! So, this article goes out to ALL of you. Treat yourself with the best Valentines 2020 could offer... If you are short on ideas, here are a few to share, give out, or keep all to yourself!


1. Nice lingerie  – We are starting with a BANG. Everyone deserves a silky, smooth, sweet new fit… and it’s all for your own pleasure! 


2. 24k gold face mask – This thing is over $500, but it is Valentine’s Day so who cares? (Or you can find other gold/sparkly face masks for much less if you want to ball on a budget!)


3. Coloring book – Want a creative outlet and don’t know where to start? Get a coloring book and let out the creative child inside of you!


4. Socks with your face on it – No one wants a pair of socks, but what if they had your own face on them? Talk about self-love. Find out by putting that gorgeous face on pair socks and sending it to all your Valentines!


5. Scented candles – I love a good scented candle, and one thing I have learned is that you can never have too many!


6. Rechargeable candle lighter – This gift would actually be really cool so that every time you try to light your favorite candle you don’t have to stick your large hand into a small hole obscuring your vision of the wick and then burning your hand on a tiny hand lighter that doesn’t even light the goddamn candle… ok, it’s me, I need this gift. 


7. Chocolates! – This box of chocolates are delicious and will pair perfectly with friends and a movie!  


8. Beauty box – I am the laziest and the most indecisive shopper currently walking the earth. If you relate, I highly recommend a subscription to some sort of beauty or wellness box. They are fun and if something isn’t for you, you can share it with a friend or regift certain items! Here are some I highly recommend: IPSY, Sudzly, Feeling Fab, Stitch Fix, FabFitFun


9. DIY Boyfriend Pillow – Don’t dress up, go out, and find any ol’ average man. Get crafty, stay in, and make your perfect mans


10. Hand sanitizer – Coronavirus is real, so is the flu (and so are most illnesses), so stay safe out there!


11. Latte with hearts – Support your favorite, small business baristas up on the hill at Mojo or Cosmic Cup and gift someone a latte with some heart-shaped foam! 


12. More chocolate – This box you may want to save for yourself. 


13. Heart-shaped box filled with jerky – If you are a jerky girl or guy, this is the Valentine's Day gift to treat yourself with. 


14. Bond Touch bracelets – This one goes out to all the couples. This bracelet connects you and your long-distance S.O. through touching the bracelet. NGL I might get them for me and my dog…


15. Hugs! – These are free and super easy to give out. Here’s an encouraging T-shirt too!


16. Books – Find a book that is thoughtful or useful to you or your significant other. If you want to learn to eat healthier, maybe a cookbook would suffice. Or if you aren’t a “reader” but want to get into it, start with something light, funny, and full of short stories. 


17. Handwritten cards or coupons – Why do Valentine’s have to be bought when it’s all about giving? Give your friends/S.O. the most priceless gift you can afford: your time and appreciation.


18. Games – Cards Against Humanity blew up the scene with their hilarious card game and now there are so many to choose from. Get together with friends and try one out! 


19. Donations to charity – Donate to someone’s favorite, or any, charity in their name. This is both sweet and thoughtful, and not to mention, there are so many charities in need of attention. Any donation helps! 


20. Journals – I love a good journal and they can literally be used for ANYTHING! That’s what makes this gift fun and personal!


21. Baked goods –  Make heart-shaped cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, you name it! And instead of giving it away, eat them by yourself.


22. Etch A Sketch – It’s sort of like a journal, except you can hide the evidence of your thoughts and drawings afterward. Everyone had these as a child and are secretly sad to have lost theirs to a yard sale at some point. Make someone happy today, get them an etch a sketch


Valentine’s Day is sort of like Christmas. It’s a time of giving and sharing, but traditionally between the non-singles. I say screw it. You can buy your significant other all of these items or you could give them to yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day and, seriously, you need these things so buy everything for yourself.

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