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Whenever I study, I find a change of scenery is a necessity in order for me to stay focused. It takes time, but when you find that study sweet spot, it’s amazing the things you can accomplish in that one special place. That being said, here are my favorite study spots on and off campus that I think everyone will appreciate:

  • Kirby Library
  • The booths in Skillman Library Basement
  • Skillman Study Rooms (in the 220s)
  • Rockwell Integrated Science Center (RISC) study rooms
  • RISC comfy chairs on the first floor
  • Soles Basement
  • Grossman Library
  • The Math Lounge in Pardee (2nd floor)
  • Mojo (after rush hours)
  • Three Birds Café
  • Easton Public Market
  • Quadrant Book Mart and Coffee House

There are so many places on campus and within walking distance that provide such different atmospheres for each individual. I highly recommend trying all the spots on this list to find your most productive place this semester. Happy Studying!

Caroline Ross

Lafayette '22

Marketing and Events Director for Lafayette College’s Her Campus chapter.
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