True Crime Podcasts You NEED to Download

When Serial was released in 2014, no one expected for it to transform Podcasts into a major entertainment source rivaling tv streaming and radio services. The hit podcast, hosted by Sarah Koenig, is largely credited as one force behind the rapid rise in podcast listeners over the last few years. Like many others, I spent hours binge-listening to Serial and many more contemplating its unanswered questions. If you are desperate to become engrossed in a new True Crime story, or want to see what this podcast hype is all about, check these ones out!


1. S-Town


From the producers of Serial, S-town is a mystery set in a poor, low-achieving town. The protagonist John believes a wealthy family covered up the murder of a teenage boy. He enlists the help of produce Brian Reed in attempt to bring justice to this suffering community. John’s perspective is one not commonly represented in entertainment, and you will experience a roller coaster of emotions as the pair unravel this mystery.



2. Dirty John


Dirty John combines the best elements of a reality tv show and a mystery thriller. Set in Orange County, California, Debra Newell starts dating a guy who her family is immediately suspicious of. Debra is blinded by John’s good lucks and impressive resume, so she begins to push her family away as she falls deeper in love with John. How was this man able to deceive her so well?  Will Debra realize that John is no good before it is too late? Listen now to find out!



3. Accused


Accused examines the cold case of Elizabeth Andes’ murder in 1978. Her body was discovered by her boyfriend, Bob Young, who was immediately accused of being the murderer. If you are fascinated by how police and courts examine the evidence to convict someone of a crime, this podcast is for you. I do not recommend listening to this before bed though, as the college-campus setting can feel little too personal.



Podcasts are perfect to listen to whether you are studying, working out, or driving. These ones in particular are must listens when you need an adrenaline boost! Some others with great reviews include My Favorite Murder, Casefile True Crime, and Case Closed. Happy listening!