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Tips for Dealing with Finals Stress

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lafayette chapter.

Does anyone else feel that Thanksgiving break went by wayyyy too quickly? I definitely do. There are only two weeks of classes left this semester and I am starting to feel stressed. All of the final papers, projects, and exams that will happen within the next month feel daunting right now. Here are some tips to deal with the weird time between Thanksgiving break and winter break.

1. Exercise

The biggest mistake people make is not taking care of their health when they are feeling overwhelmed. In the next two weeks, it is important to take time to move your body whether it be a walk, going to the gym, or playing a sport. Finding ways to exercise will help both your physical and mental health when dealing with finals season.

2. Sleep

I know so many of my friends get so stressed that they forget to sleep. Pulling an all-nighter will not get you A’s. Use your time wisely and try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night so that you can be mentally sharp while completing assignments.

3. Make lists of due dates

Forgetting an assignment is the worst feeling. Personally, I have found the best way to minimize my anxiety is by making lists of when stuff is due. This helps me ensure I will not miss an assignment and it helps me prioritize what I do.

4. Breath and relax

Nothing is that serious. Take a few minutes to breathe and relax throughout the day, I promise that spending thirty minutes watching a Youtube video and eating a snack will not cause you to fail.

5. Have something to look forwards to

At the end of the day, there are only three weeks left. Know that once all of your assignments are submitted you will be free to relax for over a month. Think about getting one step closer to break with each assignment you submit.

You got this!

Layla Ennis

Lafayette '23

Junior at Lafayette College