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Let’s face it—no one likes having acne. It sits on your skin and waits for you to do something about it. It looks gross, it feels gross, and it’s what I would describe as ~not a vibe.~ All throughout high school and during college so far, I have been blessed with clear skin. However, I still struggle with occasional breakouts! Here are some of my tips for maintaining an acne-free face:

Drink water

This one can be difficult for some people to do. Most people aren’t too concerned about their water intake, but it really does matter. It is good for your overall health and makes your skin soft and glowy (a true win-win). The key is to get a super cute water bottle and go from there. (See my S’Well article to get started!)

Have a Routine

A skin care routine, that is. This does not have to be a crazy 30-step process! This can simply mean washing your face once in the morning, once in the evening, and doing toner twice a day. If even this sounds too overwhelming, work your way up to a routine. It should be realistic and suited for your skin’s needs. 

Cleanse Throughout the Day

Most teens are probably not thinking about their skin during the day. Don’t worry—that’s totally fine, but maybe it’s time to give it some thought. I’m the type of student that studies in the library and is always on the go, but I stop at my room during the day not only to drop off books or grab a granola bar, but to cleanse my face. Personally, I’m not into fancy skincare products, so I just put some witch hazel on a cotton pad and rub it around my face. It works just like a toner, as it cleans off any dirt or perspiration that could potentially clog my pores. If you have makeup on, re-apply as necessary. 

Don’t Over-Do it on the Makeup

Alright—I love makeup just as much as the next person. It’s a great way to be creative and look great at the same time. However, packing on the product to the point where someone can tell you’re wearing makeup is not good for your skin. Makeup sits on your skin for the majority of your day (and sometimes night) and can easily sink right into your pores and clog them. Also, covering up existing acne with tons of makeup won’t make your skin look clearer and can backfire and make your acne look worse. Honestly, less is more!


This one is a must!!! Sleeping with makeup on is probably one of the worst things you can do to your skin. It’s a recipe for an acne-filled disaster. Also, it’s just gross. It gets all over your pillowcase and clothes. Please, make a conscious effort to take off your makeup at the end of a long night. Your skin will thank you.

Eat Right.

I’m sure you know what this means. Sugary foods such as soda and candy as well as processed foods can lead to breakouts. What you eat has the potential to be reflected on your skin. Stick to your fruits and vegetables, my friends. 

Know What You’re Using.

Knowing what’s in your face wash or cleanser is important. Certain ingredients might not be good for your skin, based on your skin type. Also, just a general tip: if you feel like there are too many ingredients on the back of the bottle, ditch it. It is worth noting that cleansers usually have all different kinds of chemicals in them, so it is important to do some research. Remember, your skin is still a part of you! Give it the best ingredients possible.

Don’t Touch Your Face!!

This tip is my secret weapon. I’m serious. First of all, attacking the acne on your face with unwashed hands (ew) means that you are literally placing bacteria onto your skin, and that will most likely result in breakouts (and potential infections). Even if you are fresh out of the shower and your skin is soft and clean, any irritation to a pimple will break the skin, and can cause scarring. Let your skin run its course and figure itself out on its own.

Now, go show your skin some love!

Rebecca Kane

Lafayette '23

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