Survival Guide for Winter at Lafayette

It’s officially that time of year when the sun sets at 5pm and its beginning to reach below freezing… Fall is officially over, there seems to be way fewer hours in your day, and this weather may scream “seasonal depression” to some. So how do you survive this brutal weather and keep yourself in a healthy state of mind? Here are some hacks to feeling good this winter both on-campus and off:


First, surround yourself with people who make you happy...because who doesn’t love hanging with friends in the winter or all of the time?!

Second, throw on a warm sweater and jacket because they’re cute and cozy! It’ll help prevent you from catching a cold, plus it’ll feel like a constant warm hug around you.

Third, drink a nice warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate! Warm drinks are just so *heart eyes*.

Fourth, get a punch card from Skillman, Cosmic cup, or Mojo so your 10th cup is free! Because who doesn’t love a warm cup of coffee or tea when it’s below freezing out, especially when it’s free.

Fifth, bundle up under the covers and put a fuzzy blanket on top to make for the perfect space for chilling out while watching a show or movie! Plus it’s the holiday season, so why not watch a Christmas movie? And who doesn’t love finding new shows to binge on Netflix!

Sixth, get your homework done and try to go to bed early! Sleep will not only make you happy and keep your immune system strong during these chilly months, but it’ll help waking up earlier way more easy so that you have more hours of sunlight in your day.

Seventh, try getting your work done after class, read all of your textbooks before class, this will help eliminate most of your life’s stress. Plus once you’re on top of your work, you can have time to hang out with friends and explore different places in Easton together! Don’t forget to invest in a good “fratket” (frat jacket).

Eighth, when it begins to snow, go outside and have as much fun as a five-year-old!  Go build a snowman with friends to distract yourself from your workload. 

Ninth, get a cardboard box or lid to a big bin and go sledding down the hill behind Pardee, or if you’re me, just slide down on your butt!

Tenth, just know that the weather is only temporary and it will get better but it is college so try to enjoy yourself and make the best out of what you can this winter!


Now that you have all these tips and hacks, try your best to enjoy your winter and make the most out of everything you can while you are here. Life is worth living and you can’t live it if you are sitting doing nothing when the weather gets cold