Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is ~finally~ here. Beach days and warm weather, without the responsibilities of school; what more could we ask for? Although we love the sun, these months aren’t our skin and hair’s favorite. However, these products can keep you looking your best even when it’s humid.



Over the summer, it is super important to protect our skin from the sun’s UV rays. Although we want the tan, glowing look, we need to ensure we’re not doing any damage to our skin. These products can help you achieve a tanned look while not exposing our skin to the sun’s harmful rays.



Jergens Natural Glow


If you want a natural-looking tan that keeps you glowing while leaving your skin healthy, I recommend trying self-tanners. If you’ve never used a self-tanner before, I’d recommend using Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. This product gradually gives you a tan-looking color, allowing you to make sure you like how the color looks before it gets too dark. Also, it serves as a daily moisturizer, keeping your skin smooth over the summer. Another plus is that it is pretty inexpensive and can be found at most drugstores.


If you have self-tanned before, you might want to experiment with other options and discover which you like best. From mousses to spray-on tans, there are tons of options. One I’ve been loving lately is Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam. This product comes in multiple shades and forms a slightly quicker tan than most self-tanning lotions.


To keep your face oil-free, it’s best to buy separate self-tanning products for your face. My personal favorite is Clinique Self Sun Face Tinted Lotion. Jergens also offers an affordable option that works super well and provides you with some SPF.



Besides self-tanners, it’s important to ensure that you are getting the SPF you need for days on the beach! If you want a to rock a makeup look at the beach or an outdoor event, many companies provide makeup with SPF built in.


Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream gives your skin a light, hydrating coverage while also providing you with 30 SPF protection. Many medium-full coverage foundations also offer some skin protection. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation of SPF 15 is a cruelty-free foundation that offers some skin-protection as well as a wide ranges of shades for your natural and tanned skin tone. Though these makeup options provide you with some skin protection, it is vital to use a higher SPF face-friendly sunscreen under your makeup if you have fair skin and tend to burn easily.




Skin isn’t all that needs some extra attention during the summer. Your hair is also sensitive to heat and humid days cause frizziness to be at its worst. However, haircare products can help you keep your hair smooth and protected.


Living proof’s Humidity Shield will ease your summer hair worries: it both gets rid of frizz and provides UV protection to your hair. For gals with color-treated hair, No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner by Olaplex is an essential. It protects and repairs damaged hair, while also hydrating and removing frizz. Dyed hair is especially sensitive in the summer, so it’s important to make sure you’re using a product that keeps your hair healthy during these hot months.


If you want a beachy hair look for the summer, Surf Spray by Bumble and bumble. will give you natural-looking beach waves.


Makeup Extras


Several makeup items can help kill the makeup game in spite of the heat.  Here are some products that especially fit a summer look.


Waterproof Mascara


On scorching hot days, we all want to prevent our mascara from smearing off. This makes waterproof mascara a must in the summer. Too Faced now offers a waterproof version of their Better Than Sex Mascara. If you try this mascara once, you may never want to buy any other mascara. Maybelline also has a large variety of waterproof mascaras, available in multiple shades and at basically any drugstore.


Bronzers and Highlighters

Bronzers and highlighters serve as another way to give you a tan, glowing look. Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer provides you with a natural looking tan and also smells like real chocolate. NYX Matte Bronzer works similarly and comes in five different shades. Highlighter can also provide you with some extra glow during the summer. The Sun-Dipped Glow Kit by Anastasia is perfect for these months.

Colorful Summertime Looks

A makeup brand that I’ve been loving lately is Colourpop. They offer a large variety of shades for any occasion. Plus, their makeup is much less expensive than high-end brands but still works flawlessly. For a beachy, summer-esque look, their Summer Solstice Eyeshadow Palette does the job. With festival season upon us, their colorful eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, and glitters can help you achieve whatever look you’re going for.


It’s vital to give some extra attention to your hair and skin during these sunny months. Using these products will help you stay on top of your makeup game, while also keeping your hair and skin healthy.