The Spooky Tales of Lafayette

Spooky season may be over, but the spooky conspiracy tales of Lafayette will never die. There are many stories regarding paranormal activity at Lafayette College. One took place on the fourth floor of Pardee Hall and happened in the Farinon center Marlo room. There are also conspiracies regarding other buildings on campus such as Kunkel Hall and why it can’t be torn down. 

One custodian was working the night shift in Farinon, and was alone in the building for hours when he heard classical music begin to play in the Marlo room. Spooky, right? He walked up to the entryway and put his ear on the door and the music did not stop playing. 

The second custodian that I spoke to was working late at night in Pardee Hall and was alone for hours. He was on the fourth floor when he heard loud banging noises and all of the lights shut off. When he turned the lights back on and it happened again. It is widely thought that this was a professor by the name George H. Stephens who was found guilty of setting Pardee Hall on fire, burning down the roof and the fifth floor. 

There have been no reports of ghostly activity in Kunkel hall, but biology professors Willard Watcher and his wife Dorothy Watcher were cremated and buried in the walls of Kunkel hall. Since the Rockwell Integrated Science Center is the new home for Lafayette’s science department, Kunkel is no longer needed. In the state of Pennsylvania, you can not tear down burial grounds without the permission of the families. Since the Watchers were the last of the family and are buried in the walls of Kunkel, the building now cannot be torn down. 

So if you are ever in any of these buildings and witness some sort of paranormal activity don’t be surprised. Remember if you don’t bother the ghosts, they won’t bother you.