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I must confess, the early 2000s were my peak. I might have only been a few years old but that’s beside the point. From Nintendo Dogs to the Naked Brothers Band, it was a simpler time. The only thing I had to worry about was feeding my Webkinz and keeping up with my Tamagotchi. I vividly remember childhood memories during which I was playing music, especially music on my bright purple iPod Nano. Here are some of the bangers I’ll never forget from that Nano:


1. Love Like Woe, The Ready Set

I bet you completely forgot about this song, and are now totally brought back to your middle school crush days. I may or may not have had the same haircut as the lead singer of The Ready Set, but that’s beside the point. This song goes hard and will make you believe in love again. Even if it doesn’t, it’ll bring out your emo rock lover.


2. Shake It, Metro Station

Whether you just finished soccer practice or got a smiley face sticker on your homework, playing Shake It when you got home meant it was a very good day! Whatever funk you may be in, get your speaker or beg your hallmates for theirs and blast this song in the hallway. Your RA might hate you at first, but trust me, they’ll thank you for getting everyone dancing and out of their rooms.


3. Rocketeer, Far East Movement

Everyone remembers Far East Movement’s Like A G6, but no one appreciates the banger that is Rocketeer. Personally, it was one of my favorite songs of 2010 and no early 2000 song compares. You hear Rocketeer and instantly have to stop what you’re doing. Fair warning: people will probably tell you to shut your trap at your library cubicle. (Sorry not sorry!)


4. According To You, Orianthi

If you remember this song, you know it was the perfect song for any pre-teen meltdown you experienced. Not really sure what Orianthi is up to these days, but this hit will forever be in our hearts and ingrained into our brains (whether we like it or not).


5. Absolutely (Story of a Girl), Nine Days

Nine Days may have also fallen off of the music scene but this pop-rock song is the one to play when you’re embracing your inner teen angst. I guarantee 90% of your friends will know every single lyric.


6. Pretty Girl Rock, Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson created the ultimate, OG, girl boss anthem when she wrote the lyrics to Pretty Girl Rock. She changed the game with this track. If you ever need a song to lift you out of a funk and empower you to be the best you, play this song!


7. Too Little, Too Late, JoJo

Too Little, Too Late encapsulates my exact mood when my one-hour recess relationship ended in 5th grade… also when I lost my favorite silly band. Both situations were truly tragic. This song embodies every immature, first ever relationship breakup in the early 2000s and I’m here for it.


8. 7 Things, Miley Cyrus

I would lose my voice nearly every time I screamed the lyrics to 7 Things, yet another go-to preteen heartbreak song. It’s not a song you can just passively listen to, you need to belt or yell this one to the world. This song is sure to take you back to the prime of early 2000s. Might as well watch some old Hannah Montana episode while you’re at it!


9. Best Love Song, T-Pain

Ever since I rediscovered this song, it has been playing on repeat for the past two weeks. Honestly, I have no regrets. Every single one of T-Pain’s songs brings back memories and the lyrics alwaysss come flooding in like they were on the radio yesterday.


10. C’Mon, Kesha  

Ke$ha came out with a new album recently after switching producers, but we’ll never forget about her infamous “Warrior” album. With songs like “Die Young”, “Crazy Kids” and “Warrior”, how could we? “C’Mon” will definitely hype up any sleepover or road trip.


11. Don’t Matter, Akon

Akon is most known for Smack That or Lonely, but in my humble opinion “Don’t Matter” is the most underrated of his tracks. It’s a feel-good love song that’ll get you obsessing over the kid that opened the door for you that one time after lecture.


12. About You Now, Miranda Cosgrove

Now, the best for last. Yes, that’s right, I’m taking you back to your iCarly days. If you didn’t know Miranda made music, then you’re welcome because I just ruined your life. Before she went off to USC, she produced this track and I still have flashbacks of the music video playing on Nickelodeon. I’m sorry in advance, you won’t be able to get it out of your head for days.


No pop culture era will ever quite match the standards the early 2000s has set: from sparkly outfits to games to movies to music. Hold tight to these memories and share them with your grandkids when you grow old. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it. And now that you’ve rediscovered all the best hits, what are you waiting for? Go click on this Spotify playlist link for all your listening needs: https://open.spotify.com/user/grtch13/playlist/4ZC0Nlp5f



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