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Sitting Down with LafFoodie, Lafayette’s Resident Food Reviewer

With 211 followers, @laffoodie_fuego on Instagram is one of Lafayette’s fastest-growing fan pages. You may have seen it, but what you might not know is who is behind the account.  Started last month, LafFoodie is run by Annika Murray, a freshman neuroscience major and member of Lafayette’s swim team. I asked Annika a few questions about running this account and what it’s like to be famous. 


Q: Where did you get the idea to start this account?

AM: My friend Gabe Dewey actually encouraged me to make the page, after I pretended to vlog my meal when we were eating at the public market.


Q: What’s it like running a popular Lafayette account?

AM: It’s really fun to run a page about Laf because lots of students have started to follow it, I just hit 200 followers last week so we are gaining popularity! I also just added two partners to the account, Jack Amendola and Jake Bloss.


Q: Do people on campus recognize you for your account?

AM: Yes, people recognize me on campus sometimes in the dining halls and in class. It’s fun because usually, they say they love my account!


Q: Do you like running this account?

AM: Yes, I love running the account! It’s just something casual that makes eating in the dining halls slightly more fun.


Q: What’s your favorite dining hall on campus?

AM:  My favorite dining hall has to be Marquis. Hands down.


Q: Where’s your favorite place to eat on campus?

AM: I love Mojo on Sunday morning. Saturday mornings I like going to the farmers market, and the public market is also pretty good. I really like Gilberts for lunch, they have great grilled cheese and soup. Also, Lower has great quesadillas but I think everyone knows that!


Honestly, Annika has some fire picks. And with four more years at Lafayette, I’m sure she’ll find even more food on campus to review. We have to thank Annika for this hilarious, yet informative page!

Grace Pasco

Lafayette '22

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