Signing Off from Her Campus

When I had the idea to re-launch the Her Campus chapter at Lafayette two summers ago, I never thought I could actually pull it off. I spent a lot of that summer working and re-working my edit test, contacting students, and praying I would be able to get this thing off the ground. 

Now, a year and a half later, many nights editing articles, brainstorming events, and bombarding people to read the newly published articles, here we are. And here I go.

I really couldn’t ever imagine this becoming what it is now. From having a team meeting in my dorm room in the first month of the club to running out of chairs in a standard Pardee classroom, this club has exceeded my expectations and dreams. I really just wanted to create a fun, light-hearted outlet for women -- and everyone -- to express their opinions without feeling over-edited or skewed. My goal was to give people a comfortable, supportive place to simply write, in whatever form that meant to them. Whether it was short witty sentences, extensive research or interviews, or their feelings in memes, I wanted people to explore (and share!) this creativity no matter their major or interests.

When I look around at the room during meetings now, I feel so happy to have created something that people truly want to engage in. I am so proud of everything my team has done, and everything my successors have and will do! With that in mind, I thought I’d share just a short list of some of the many things I have learned from this experience. From application to an internship, to passing it down, here’s my Her Campus experience wisdom:


  1. Have patience. It will come together. 

This is one of those things that is so so easy to say but yet so hard to actually do. But it really is true. I found myself stressed or upset when events didn’t come to be or ideas weren’t developed, but with time and planning, these can be even more than you’ve imagined. Don’t try to cram it all in one semester, give yourself the time and patience to make it happen.


2. Love your friends, but don’t be afraid to branch out.

My friends were the most supportive when I began this club: they helped me make posters, publish, and market the club. But, as the club grew, I found myself happy to have new team members that each brought new skills to the table. I am so thankful for those friends, and even more thankful that they gave me the tools to launch and build our team with even more fresh faces.


3. If you want something to happen, make it happen.

Not to counteract my first point, but seriously, put in the work for the things you want. Don’t doubt yourself. I honestly had little faith in this at the very beginning, but the more work I put in, the more rewarding it was when I succeeded. 


So in the end, I’ll miss this club, my baby. I’ll miss the people who make it what it is and I’ll miss the empowerment I felt through the entire experience. HC Lafayette, it’s been a good ride. I’ll check back in from Prague <3