Shoe Staples Every Girl Should Have

If you’re anything like me, you like improving your shoe game.  If we’re being honest, I spend a little too much time perusing websites for shoes. Look at it this way: I do it so you don’t have to. If you’re looking for some basics you can always depend on, keep reading… 


1.    Comfortable flip-flops

For me, this means a pair of Rainbows.  They form to your foot over time making them uber comfortable and come in neutral colors meaning they go with any summer fit. But Rainbows don’t have to be your only option. Havaianas or Reefs work just as well.  


2.    A black bootie

It’s clear Chelsea boots are definitely trending right now, but a plain black bootie will always be in style.  They can make a sweater and jeans a tad dressier, or you could pair them with a summer dress. Versatile is their middle name. Some of my favorite brands are Doc Martens, Nine West, Lucky, and Steve Madden, but you can find them nearly anywhere.  If you wanna find lots in one place, Nordstrom has you covered.


3.    A nude heel

You’ll experience a fair share of formals and dances in college, and your dorm definitely isn’t big enough to fit an extensive collection of heels.  A basic nude heel will go with any dress you chose, pulling the look together with a classy touch.  You can find them at your local DSW in an array of different options, or any website that sells formal dresses.


4.    A white sneaker

This one is a classic, and you most likely already have it.  Whether it’s AF1’s, Vans, Converse, or Adidas, white sneakers go with almost anything. Sweats? Check. Leggings and a t-shirt? Check. Jeans and a sweater?  A skirt? Check and check. Put an outfit together and throw these on. Boom. Look accomplished.  


5.    Tennis Shoes

You’ve probably had a pair of tennis shoes since you were four, and for good reason.  Everyone needs a pair of shoes they can exercise in, or at least walk across campus to Mojo in.  You really don’t even need to exercise in them. Put them on with a sweatshirt and leggings and you look pretty athletic to me. Plus, athleisure is very in right now. If you’re going for style, Nike or Under Armor is your best bet, while Brooks and Asics are a good choice if you’re looking for amazing support.


6.    Slippers

Before college, I did not own a pair of slippers, and I’m telling you it was a huge mistake. Slippers are like comfort food, but for shoes.  It’s the highlight of my day when I come back from class and can put my bright red Ugg slippers on. You can get some dope slippers at Target, DSW, or get fancy with some online options from L.L Bean or Ugg.


7.    A colored sneaker

Obviously, your white sneaker can go with anything, but sometimes it’s fun to switch it up. Vans, Adidas, or Nike all have a large array of styles for everyday shoes and most come in multiple colors.  If you get them in a color you wear often, they become highly functional but aren’t a neutral that most other people have.


8.    Summer Wedge

One of my favorite summer activities is getting dressed up with my friends to go out for a nice dinner.  Some white jeans with a loose flowy top make for a cute outfit and can be pulled together with an espadrille wedge.  The tan color of the wedge itself matches summer weather and elevates the outfit to make it appropriate for a nice restaurant.  As I will continue to preach forever and always, DSW is the place to go for these.


9.    Something YOU

I think everyone has some unique aspect of their style that makes them them. That’s why every girl needs something that makes them feel good. They could be high-tops, Doc Martens, bright-colored, or patterned, as long as it’s a shoe you love. For me, it’s a pair of bubblegum pink Supergas with pastel blue, green, purple, yellow, and pink soles.  Find these special shoes wherever the shopping gods take you.


10.  Crocs?

My roommate highly recommended I put crocs on this list?  Do with that what you will.


With these shoes, may you feel ready to take on the world (and look cute while doing it). Happy shopping!